JN AirMail: Kulikov Or Perreault?

We’ve been so focused on who the Jets should trade for, that we’ve kinda overlooked who might get traded out. With the Jets as close to the Cap as one can be without being overly problematic, it almost feels like at some point they are going to have to let go of a key player in order to hold on to others. This week in the AirMail, we go over two such candidates to be traded away either in the next month or possibly this summer.

JetsNation AirMail is where we ask for your questions, you either @ them to us on Twitter, send them to us on Facebook or even old school electronic mail them to us and then we answer them here!

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Art: Last summer I was of the opinion they’d likely trade Perreault as he may be the most attractive bargaining chip the Jets have and I still feel that way. I think it would be a mistake to trade him, but the Jets may also have little choice. Kulikov has been fairly ok this season as well though and if he closes out this season playing as well as he has, he may have some of his trade value back too.

Eric: I could see Kuli being moved, either at the deadline or over the off season to get some bigger name signings, but I cannot see the Jets moving Perrault. Our French Canadian Lord and Saviour, Hockey Jesus himself, drives so much of the depth performance. He could be moved for a BIG deal, but otherwise I think he stays.

Josh: I think eventually both Perreault and Kuli will be moved, Kulikov could be the first one out this summer as he will have only a year left on his current deal and won’t be a risk for a team to take on his cap hit. I think Perreault will hang on until next summer, when JOMO needs a new deal, depending on what their cap situation looks like. In all honesty, I think it totally depends what Laine and Connor sign for, as well as if Trouba signs long-term, and if so for how much.

Kyle: I think Kulikov is expendable, especially with the rise of Niku. That would be an easy way to save a bit of cap space going forward. In the future, either Perreault or Little will likely have to get moved. Hopefully that’s a few years down the road at least.

Sean S: Kulikov will most likely be moved in the summer. I had hoped the Jets would land Jake Muzzin so ease the losses on defence this summer but alas…. I can see Perreault being traded, I wouldn’t like it. But I can see it happening. We have enough depth behind him to fill in our roster perfectly.

Zee: The Jets are going to find themselves in a very interesting position in the summer and I’m really interested in seeing how everything plays out. With Trouba, Myers, Chiarot and Morrow that are all finishing contracts and I think that’s going to be the focus. As for Perreault, I’m not sure. I was surprised he wasn’t gone at the end of last summer. He’s great to have around, but he’s also very streaky and a bit of a glass cannon. I think if the Jets can find something that makes sense to trade him for, they would act on it.

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Art: Nope. I mean they have an actual pronunciation guide. All media guides have the proper pronunciations, and they still can’t get it right. I’m excited for the tech though and even more intrigued by when Gary Bettman suggested that they are working on tracking when a puck completely crosses a goal line..

Eric M: Maybe? Depends on how much the tracking is used in the booth, is my guess.

Kyle: Hockey is a fast and confusing game. The announcers don’t always get the best view and sometimes they get it wrong. I don’t think tracking will affect the actual play by play, likely just add some more stats and charts throughout the broadcast.

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Josh: I don’t think there will ever be a time where we see PBP announcers consistently use correct names, as Kyle said hockey is a face paced game and i don’t envy them for having to try and keep track of 10 skaters on the ice at the same time. Some PBP guys can’t even get names right in interviews (cough cough *Paul Romanuk* cough)

Sean S: No. It can be hard to say a full name while still keeping track of how the play is going. So they’ll continue to slip up every so often. But out of game calling it’s pretty much inexcusable. (Looking at you Paul Romanuck repeatedly saying mark Wheeler).

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Zee: Nope, still going to happen. Games happen real fast and it’s a struggle to keep up. You’re going to miss pronounce names, get the wrong name or just flat out keep referring to half the Jets players as Mark. As much as we like to give PBPs heck for their slip ups, they have incredibly difficult jobs that are just going to be prone to making those errors.