JN AirMail: No (Mark) Stone Left Unturned

It’s trade speculation season and being where the Jets are in the standings and how this season is going, we almost all certainly expect some sort of reinforcements to arrive via a trade, but just who exactly comes in to save the day?

Among the questions asked, the guys speculate this week about one Mark Stone of the Ottawa Senators.

JetsNation AirMail is where we ask for your questions, you either @ them to us on Twitter, send them to us on Facebook or even old school electronic mail them to us and then we answer them here!

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Kyle: That’s a tough one. I think Stone is a great player, but there’s no chance we would be able to keep him around long term. If we are talking about a rental situation, this would be possible. But to get Stone long term, there’s no point in trying. People often forget that to get a piece, you have to give a piece and it’s possible that Roslovic gets dealt in a trade if need be.

Eric M: I think I’d prefer to keep Roslovic around (you’re welcome, mom, I know he’s your boy). Roslo has generally trended very well as he’s had more ice time, he seems to gel on and off the ice with the rest of the squad, and will likely benefit greatly from the development process the Jets have on the back end.

Josh: I think that Roslovic is very promising young player, who has shown flashes of his offensive talent at times this year, that pass to Little on the power play against Dallas was a confident play. Mark Stone would be a terrific add for the Jets, but there is such a minimal chance at being able to keep him after this year that i don’t know if i’d be comfortable moving Roslovic for a pure rental. I think Stone will command what he is currently making, if not more on his next deal and that is just not something the Jets could afford, and moving Roslovic for one playoff run is not something that would be a smart move for the Jets longterm.

Sean: Two schools of thought for me. Stone gives you a better chance to win now, however there’s no chance he’s staying in Winnipeg long term. Roslovic has a lot of growing to do but may be part of this franchise for many many years. I’d keep Roslovic.

Sean S: I have a hard time justifying parting ways with a player like Roslovic for a pure rental player. We don’t have the space to sign Stone long term, and Roslovic is shaping up to me a pretty darn good top 9 player.

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Art: I’m not opposed to the idea of trading Roslovic or any of the other Jets prospects for that matter to get a rental, but my lone requirement for such a deal is it would have to be for a clear cut impact player and honestly I don’t feel like Stone is that. Any trade that involves Stone, I would want the Jets to get a little something for beyond just this year if they’d give up a player like Roslovic.

Eric M: Oskar Klefbomb, Cal Clutterbuck, Antti Raanta, Pasi Nurminen, Nino Niederreiter. Those are fun to say.

Josh: Nino Niederreiter, Cory Crawford, Jordin Tootoo, Rob Klinkhammer, Johnathan Cheechoo, Wojtek Wolski, just to name a few

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Sean S: Colton Saucerman and Nando Eggenburger are my current favourites. Honourable mention to Martin Frk though.

Sean: Radek Bonk, Rob Klinkhammer and best of all Fred Saskamoose.

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Art M: Rob Klinkhammer, Grant Clitsome (Jamie Benn’s biggest rival) and Zarley Zalapski would be my top three

Eric M: “Hockey is boring.” Excuse me?

Josh: “Hockey players aren’t tough, they dive as much as soccer players” HA maybe some but overall, hockey players are some real tough athletes.

Sean S: “Brandon Tanev isn’t the best Tanev brother.” C’mon now, let’s be real here.

Sean: Heard from numerous hair triggered Jets fans the last couple weeks: “Patrik Laine is overrated.”

Art M: Biggest lie I hear almost year after year for almost two decades now is that “This year the Edmonton Oilers make that next step to being a truly great team” and it never happens.

Kyle: I don’t think they are trying to preserve energy, they are trying to win every game. For whatever reason, they haven’t all been on the same page this season. Once they figure it out, everything will be fine and there will be no more questions. It’s just taking longer than people hoped to get to that point.

Eric M: The Jets squad is too good to be playing as tight games as they have been. From Hellebuyck getting used to the new equipment, to the added pressure from fans for continued success, to the fickle bounces we have seen over the last few weeks, I think the team is pushing through to find the cohesiveness needed to succeed. That the team can be where they are now without playing at their peak is a testament to how good and robust this team is, especially with the slew of injuries in recent weeks.

Josh: I don’t think the Jets are playing preservative hockey, I think that the rest of the league is now on notice about how good this team is and the systems that make them successful. For example, I have noticed that this year, teams have been much more aggressive on the power play, really forcing and rushing a pass or shot, something that did not happen last year. I don’t think that the Jets have reached their level of play from last year yet, but to suggest that it may be from a lack of effort on the players part, doing just enough to win, is a hot take. This is a good team, with good players, but there are also 30 other good teams with good players who can beat anyone on any night. I’d rather see the Jets hit their stride in May rather than the middle on January (cough cough *Tampa Bay* cough)

Sean: I don’t think the Jets have played up to their potential yet this season. This team has the same skill it had last year but overall has just not looked nearly as good as last season’s. I don’t think it’s on purpose in any way that the Jets are playing down to their opponents, you just hope they can pick it up by the time the games start mattering.

Sean S: I don’t think they’re playing to their potential, but I don’t really think they’re playing with preservation in mind either. I believe a lot of it has to do with other teams realizing they’re not a middle of the pack team anymore. The Jets surprised the league with their dominance last season and now teams are paying more attention to them and coming better prepared.