JN AirMail: Getting To Know Us

The ol’ mail bag has been kind of on the light side really which is a bit surprising given the issues the offense has had and the fact that the Jets have lost their best defensemen. Perhaps being first in the west combined with the overall good feelings of the holiday season left us all a little less angsty. At any rate, we got a few questions thrown our way which we are always all too happy to answer.

Your Air Mail lineup today features Eric, Kyle, Cassie, Josh, Zee as well as your’s truly.

Our friend Cara from Arctic Ice Hockey asked: Can you explain the last five minutes of the second period between Switzerland and Russia?

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(Art’s note: It’s really this crazy play that is what is being questioned… In case you missed it, the game featured two penalty shots awarded on the same play)

Eric M: I have nothing. I went back and watched the tape… I have nothing. The call technically makes sense, but I can’t tell you why Switzerland missed both shots in their impromptu shootout in the middle of the game. I can’t claim that the call is the best option, but it’s one that makes sense, and the Russian team needing to trip twice there with how smooth the Swiss player stands up is totally reasonable.

Kyle: That was fun. I had no idea that this rule existed. Usually if a player is already getting a penalty, a second one goes ‘unnoticed’. In this case, when two infractions occurred, the ref decided to call both as penalty shots. I think they could have had one as a penalty and then one as the penalty shot as well. There are other ways to make that situation more normal.

Cassie: It was interesting for sure! I think it makes sense that two were called because two infractions occurred, I’ve just never seen it happen before.

Josh: I had no idea such a rule existed, although it does make sense. If there are 2 penalties on the same play it makes sense to call 2 penalty shots. The fact that Switzerland missed both shots is, well, something else that’s for sure.

Zee: First of all, props to Lehmann for getting up that quickly after the initial trip though that was impressive! I don’t know what to make of this though, two infractions both deserving of penalties for sure. However, it was suggested that it should have been a penalty shot and a minor, to me that makes a bit more sense than a second period shootout.

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Art: I think what should happen is teams should always be allowed to chose if they want to take a penalty shot or get a two minute power play out of any infraction like this. Also, can we please have hockey refs announce penalties like football refs do? They kinda do in the NHL already, but I want full on explanations, especially in situations like this.

Eric M: When I’m not covering the Jets (and for argument, I’ll include not helping Sean with the /r/WinnipegJets discord server) I play Magic: the Gathering, plan travel for Jets games, play pinball, think about streaming video games, attend concerts or otherwise ravenously consume music, try to get good at Tetris, or pray at my altar of Thrashers memorabilia. If you share any or all of these, find me on twitter and let me know!

… Alright maybe I don’t have an altar of Thrashers merch, but I certainly have enough to make one, and a funny story about hockey and religious observance.

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Kyle: Sports never stop. You can find me at the local soccer field playing in the MMSL in the summer, or on the basketball court all winter. I follow the Raptors closely as well (this is the year!). Other than that, I am a very amateur gamer and I enjoy solving Rubik’s cubes for fun.

Josh: I am a full-time student so school takes up most of my time, I also still play in a men’s hockey league so that keeps me in shape (sort of). Like Kyle I am also an amateur gamer so when I have time between school, hockey and writing that’s what keeps me busy.

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Cassie: I crochet, play video games, and watch other hockey games. I also love listening to music. I collect random things like vinyl records and Pop figures. I also love to do makeup and experiment with that as an artistic outlet. As for other sports, I sometimes indulge in the disappointment that is the Bills and I also watch lacrosse.

Zee: A lot of hockey related things. Talking hockey, watching hockey, going to hockey. In addition to the Jets, I also love the Avs and the Canes and am traveling to Denver to see the Avs in February. I also play a whole lot of games, primarily World of Warcraft (which takes up a fair amount of time with a 2-3 day per week raid schedule). But I also dabble in Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Guild Wars 2 and some occasional pen & paper type games (Pathfinder). I also have two dogs, two cats and a day job.

Art: When not covering the Jets, I am usually either watching one of my other sporting loves (Seahawks, NBA Spurs in the winter, Astros in the summer) and tweeting way too much about all three of them. Gaming is a pretty common theme with us I guess. I play and watch way too much Overwatch and am still pushing the Nation Network to give me my “Overwatch Nation” website. (I also have my own gaming channel on Twitch where I play way too much Overwatch but dabble in other games as well: Twitch.tv/GameTimeArt)

Eric M: I’ve never been to the Maritimes. I’ve been to Montreal twice – once with my grandfather for a business trip of his on which I got to do a bit of sightseeing, and once on a business trip of my own – and once to Winnipeg. As such, I had to look up what this is, and my gut instinct is the sweet sauce because I’m just not a fan of tzatziki sauce at all.

Related, please send recommendations on Canadian cuisine I should try to make myself to me via twitter – find me @palmercurling. My friends down here south of the border already assume I’m Canadian anyway, I will lean into the swerve any which way.

Kyle: Similar to Eric, I have never been to the east coast. I will take the Tzatziki sauce because it works with most other foods.

Cassie: Tzatziki goes on everything.

Josh: I’ll be totally honest, i’m not sure how to answer this question. However, it does sound good.

Zee: Tzatziki sauce all the way! But I’m also lactose intolerant and I feel like I that shouldn’t be my answer.

Art: I’ve never tried Tzatziki to be honest and I don’t know if I ever will. By the way, I will put up the donairs we can get in Edmonton (we all know I lived in the heart of Oil Country, right?) against anything the east coast can offer. I am a sweet cause guy all the way. It’s even better if I can get a donair topped pizza with some sweet sauce on it.