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Afterburners: Quotes and Charts From Laine’s Historic Night

A career night for Patrik Laine led the Jets to a 8-4 victory over the St. Louis Blues. While there are a few different things that could be talked about during the game, all eyes were on Laine who terrorized the Blues defenders all game. Laine scored early and often as he finished the night with five goals. The Jets weren’t at their best defensively as they allowed four goals with a few of them coming off brutal turnovers in their own end. Regardless of the defensive play, when a team scores eight goals, they will almost always win the game. In case you somehow missed the game, you can check out all the highlights right here.

They said it…

Laine on the night in general…

“Overall it was a great bounce back for the whole team after those two losses. I felt like every time I touched the puck it kind of went in somehow and it was one of those nights. It’s probably not going to happen in a while but we will hope that happens, I think it was a great night overall from myself and my linemates.”

Laine on if he was thinking of scoring six after scoring the fifth goal…

“Obviously. Of course I want to score more. You can always score more but tonight it was five and there is always next game.”

Laine if he knew someone won $1,000,000 with his performance…

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“Yes, hopefully I made somebody pretty happy.”

Laine on scoring 11 goals in a single week and the keys to success…

“It’s easy to play when you are in a winning team. I’ve got to give some credit to my linemates and our powerplay. I think our line played some really good hockey this road trip, there’s still some things we need to work on but I think overall it could have been a better trip for the team. I think for me it was pretty good.”

Maurice on Laine’s performance…

“To be honest with you, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. I think I said that once and I wanted to keep it to myself but on the nights he’s scored his three he’s had his chances to get so much more. Boy, those guys were so good and some of those goals you just have to sit back and smile if you’re standing on the right bench.”


All charts courtesy of Natural Stat Trick, Moneypuck, and Corsica Hockey

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Matchups are limited to 5-on-5 situations. Tile size is scaled by Time On Ice and colour is scaled by adjusted Expected Goals differential. Blue represents a home team advantage and red represents a road team advantage.

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  • El Cid

    Laine deserves more than Matthews……… Give him 15Mx8! Oh……. The dummy upstairs overpayed for a sieve of a goalie and an elderly Captain. The Nylander saga begins in Winterpeg!