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JN AirMail: Hats On For Toby

The name Tobias Enstrom is a name we can’t quite escape here at JetsNation, and honestly we’re ok with that. We’ve already covered how almost criminally underrated he was in his time with Winnipeg and honestly it feels a bit like his defensive play would be a welcome presence on this team now.

And if you doubt us, then maybe peep the hat that Ben Chiarot rocks on an almost constant basis in mid and post game chats with the media. So with that in mind, this week Kyle, Cassie, and myself answer a few more questions about Chiarot and then take on other hot button Jets topics like Tyler Myers, Logan Shaw and Patrik Laine’s even strength scoring issues.

JetsNation AirMail is where we ask for your questions, you either @ them to us on Twitter, send them to us on Facebook or even old school electronic mail them to us and then we answer them here!

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Kyle: It makes me happy. Even without Enstrom on the team, there is a small sliver of his presence through the hat. I’m thinking something similar to the movie Like Mike, Chiarot is trying to channel the defensive prowess that Enstrom had.

Cassie: I’d like to know where to buy it. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment. I agree with Kyle though, it’s nice to see a small sliver of his presence around.

Art: Has anything like that happened before in the NHL? No one on the Islanders is wearing John Tavares gear are they? I get Enstrom is in Europe now, but still seems odd (and cool) for teammates to wear his hat. It also shows just how much Chiarot thought of Enstrom as a teammate.

Kyle: 1) Does it matter if Enstrom and the Jets have mended anything? Enstrom is retiring, and unless we plan to bring him back as a coach, there is no need to ever be involved with him again. 2) As long as they continue to score every single game. 3) Like plenty of young players, they tend not to move while in the offensive end. They find an area and expect the puck to reach them without creating space. It works on the PP, but Laine needs to stay active at even strength. 4) Not much, scoring touch is a tough thing to train. Some guys have it, some don’t.

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Cassie: 1. I don’t think it matters at this point as he is retiring. Would it be nice for him to coach? Sure, but I think he’ll stay in Sweden because of family. 2. As long as he keeps up his production there, he’s staying put. That makes the most sense to me. 3. Laine is young and still finding himself. Yes, he’s great at what he does, but he still needs to grow and learn the rest of the game. With time the 5v5 goals will happen. 4. Practice makes perfect. It might be one of those things that come with time, if it comes at all.

Art: 1) The simple answer? Probably not. It would be nice though if the Jets did extend an olive branch to him and invite him back for a mid-game ceremony so that fans can properly thank him for his years of play in Winnipeg. 2) As long as the top six keeps producing like they are, there won’t be any breaking up of those two lines. 3 + 4) Laine has finish, but lacks the ability to find proper open space in 5 on 5 settings either with his own speed and strength or with hockey sense. Ehlers can find open space usually with his speed, but has no finish. Keep in mind that Laine is 20 years old and Ehlers is 22 and believe it or not, still developing.

Kyle: He is a hockey player who has played in the NHL before. My speculation is that if they want to have some of the Moose guys get called up during the year, they have some more guys like Shaw to run the Moose in the meantime.

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Cassie: He’s a warm body for the Moose. There is no intention for him to play with the Jets unless the bubonic plague hits the team and everyone is out.

Art: Warm body that used to play in the NHL. Look, you said you wanted a reason, you didn’t specify that it had to be a good one. If anything, I wonder if it’s like picking up a discarded 50-50 ticket before they announce the winning numbers for the secondary prizes? Maybe the Jets are hoping for a little lightning in a bottle with Shaw, just to see if they can get lucky.

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Kyle: Can they? Sure, someone would take him. Will they? Nope. If Trouba doesn’t sign long term, and Myers leaves, then it’s an aging Byfuglien and Tucker Poolman as the only RHD.

Cassie: I’m sure someone would take him, but as Kyle pointed out, if Trouba doesn’t sign, we need someone to play RHD. Poolman isn’t the greatest and Byfuglien is getting old. We’d need to get a replacement back and that’s going to take more than just Myers to pull off.

Art: Yes, there would be teams who would happily take him, but no the Jets aren’t going to trade him even if Myers himself said he was as good as gone come this summer. The Jets still want all hands deck for this season and Myers is still a better option than what the Jets would have without him on the roster.

Kyle: Probably. Hellebuyck thrives on bounce back games so it’s tough to get Brossoit in after Hellebuyck has a rough night. I would imagine once the team is playing better they will get Brossoit into a few more games.

Cassie: I believe he should. When the season starts to get more crowded and we see more back to backs, he’ll get more time to play. In what he’s done so far, he’s looked great so it’ll be great to see him play more.

Art: I would like to see him in more. He probably should have had the New Jersey game and I am almost certain he should have started the second game against Florida. We’re now over two weeks since we last saw him in a game (thanks Finland trip) so I have to imagine he gets probably the Buffalo game on Friday because I doubt the Jets will start a backup against the defending champs. But yes, he should be playing more.

  • Toby was a solid d-man for the Jets but the last 2 years his lack of size made him an expendable player. I would like to see the Jets platoon Poolman and Niku with Morrow and spell off Myers to give them some much needed NHL time as both of them are the future of the Jets defense.