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Afterburners: Quotes and Charts From the Jets 5-2 Victory Over the Avalanche

A career night for Wheeler led the Jets to a decisive 5-2 victory over Colorado. The Jets played well in the first period and were rewarded with a two goal lead. They let things slip a little bit in the third as they stopped skating and committed several neutral zone turnovers. This made for an exciting third period where both teams scored multiple goals. In the end, it was the Jets who sealed it with a late empty net goal to give them the victory.

They Said It…

Wheeler on shutting down the Avs top line…

“They’re a really explosive line, they had some looks early, they were on their toes. We were able to pop a couple and get the game kind of on our terms. It makes it a little bit tougher when you are playing from behind.”


Wheeler on what an offensive explosion does for him personally…

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“You come into games like this, a divisional opponent at home and your mindset is to find a way to get a win. You’re not so much thinking about offense or how you’re going to score goals or make plays. You want to win, these games are so important… but the entirety of the game is more important than that.”


Wheeler on the quick strike ability of the powerplay…

“The weapons we have are pretty special. I’m the guy giving them the puck and they make the passer look good. Guys that shoot like Scheif and like Patty are incredibly rare and you stack them up on one powerplay, it’s really hard to stop that. It’s really hard to take away both guys.”


Scheifele on what makes Wheeler’s passing ability so special…

“He just sees the ice so well, he reads options so well, he reads the defender’s sticks so well. When it’s on his stick, he manipulates those defenders to put their stick where he wants to and then he throws it in that spot where their stick just was. He’s pretty special at doing it… I’m pretty lucky to be on his line.”


Maurice on shutting down the Avs top line…

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“Morrissey and Trouba were really, really strong… we played a pretty good five man defensive game… All five were in on pucks. We didn’t let them turn it into a one on one game or cause an awful lot of confusion because they beat somebody one on one and then all those seams open up. So we played a really strong five man game against them.”



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