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JNGD.S8G7 Instant Recap: Jets Bounce Back With A Strong Finish Against The Canucks

The Jets are showing flashes of the team that made it to the Western Conference finals last season, but also showing flashes of a team that has a long way to go. The final score was 4-1, with the Jets scoring in an exciting finish to the game.

We also saw the coining of the Little Buddies line for the 2nd line of Little, Laine and Ehlers. Thanks @WPGMurat


  • There’s a lot of things to talk about, but how about Wheeler and Laine on the powerplay to put the Jets up 1-0? Remember when Maurice had Laine and Wheeler on the same line while the Jets were at even strength and Laine appeared to play better? I think that pair needs to be revisited.
  • Tyler Myers. I don’t want to rag on a player too much, but his vaunted ability to create offence is vastly outweighed by his atrocious play in the Jets’ own end.
  • Sami Niku time. Enough said. The defence needs more than Kulikov switching in and out of the line up and play over his head.
  • The Jets took the Canucks’ good penalty kill to school, scoring twice.
  • I think the hit was called perfectly. Edler hit Perreault in the numbers, which ended up having Perreault crash awkwardly into the boards. Luckily, Perreault wasn’t hurt, but it could’ve been bad. These are the kinds of hits that need to be removed from the game. Yes, bodycheck people, but be smart; be accountable. This is a game and we are risking the livelihood of players when they are hit dangerously.

  • Despite flashes of last year’s Jets, there are still some red flags. First, like we’ve said, the defence is horrible out side of Buff, Morrissey and Trouba. If the Jets wish to make it to the Stanley Cup Final, the back end needs to be fixed. Second, the top line needs to start producing. Despite Little, Laine and Ehlers producing, I still think something like switching Ehlers and Wheeler would do wonders for the Jets.
  • It would appear there is a win in the column for teams who allow Fortnite on the road.


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The Jets play at home against the Arizona Coyotes on Saturday at 3:00PM as the Jets continue their home stand.