JN Picks: Letting Other People Do this For Us

Welcome to week three of JetsNation Picks where we select seven games coming up the rest of this week and then look into our crystal balls to see who comes out with wins.

Or in what is becoming more of a weekly theme, some of us defer to letting other people and/or animals pick, which honestly might not be a bad idea.


Roddy – better known on the Twitter lines as @BigPapiPegCity, let his dog Tyrone make the picks for him and he dominated going a very impressive 6-1!

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Kyle also had a great 6-1 week while Sean also rebounded well also with a 5-2 record.

Art and Cassie both went 3-4.


No guest picker! I’d like to say it’s because we didn’t invite anyone because we were afraid of being shown up again like we were last week, but honestly schedules didn’t work out for a couple of people we had hoped for, so we’ll get them at a later date.

We did however manage to get Kyle’s wife to agree to make the picks for him, or at least Kyle convinced her. So in a way I guess she’s our guest picker this week?

Boston Bruins @ Calgary Flames (Oct 17, 8:30 PM CST)

Art: Boston – Overshadowed a bit by the Leafs, Boston has also had a nice start to the season.

Cassie: Boston – Boston. That top line is damn good.

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Kyle: Boston – Because Bruin’s are bears, and Smokey the bear puts out fires.

Sean: Boston – Boston is good and their is no stopping that top line.

Vancouver Canucks @ Winnipeg Jets (Oct 18, 7 PM CST)

Art: Vancouver – Given how poorly the Jets have started, I can’t in good faith pick them to win both games this week, so I’ll take the Canucks to stun them and send everyone into full blown panic mode.

Cassie: Winnipeg – Vancouver isn’t the greatest and the Jets need to bounce back somehow.

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Kyle: Vancouver – Winnipeg can’t win every game.

Sean: Winnipeg

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New York Islanders @ Los Angeles Kings (Oct 18, 9:30 PM CST)

Art: Los Angeles – Both teams have been kind of meddling to start the season, so I’ll just take the home side.

Cassie: Los Angeles – I don’t trust the Isles goaltending.

Kyle: New York – The two most overrated cities in America… can you tie? If not, then I guess New York

Sean: New York – I honestly have no idea which of these teams is better but I’m going with youth and speed here so I’m taking Barzal and NYI

Minnesota Wild @ Dallas Stars (Oct 19, 7 PM CST)

Art: Minnesota – Dallas I see is right back to having the same issues it had last season with goaltending and inconsistent play.

Cassie: Dallas – If only for salty Minnesota fans at work the day after.

Kyle: Minnesota – They are like Canada, but south.

Sean: Dallas – Teams that I believe will finish in very similar positions come the end of the year. On home ice I’m taking the Stars.

Detroit Red Wings @ Florida Panthers (Oct 20, 6 PM CST)

Art: Florida – As of press time they haven’t picked up a win yet, but they’ve been competitive. They are due.

Cassie: Florida – Even with goaltender injuries, I think Florida has this.

Kyle: Detroit – I don’t think Florida has a team so it has to be Detroit.

Sean: Florida – Detroit is going to win…the 2019 draft lottery that is. Florida will win the game.

Chicago Blackhawks @ Columbus Blue Jackets (Oct 20, 6 PM CST)

Art: Chicago – Chicago has been surprisingly good.

Cassie: Columbus  – They’re sneaky good.

Kyle: Chicago – Because they have a bean.

Sean: Chicago – Chicago may be back, I take the Hawks.

Arizona Coyotes @ Winnipeg Jets (Oct 20, 3 PM CST)

Art: Winnipeg – They can’t possibly blow a game against the Coyotes.. Can they?

Cassie: Winnipeg – Arizona, as of this writing, has only scored 3 goals on the season.

Kyle: Winnipeg – Everyone in Arizona are snowbirds who are from Winnipeg anyways.

Sean: Winnipeg – New Jets over old Jets.