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JNGD.S8G6 Instant Recap: What The Ever Loving Hell Was THAT?!

The Jets had a 4 to 1 lead going into the third period.

And then the Jets decided to try not skating in the third period…

*grits teeth*

McDavid did McDavid things…

*eye twitches*

And then in overtime…

*rips up all my notes, flips table and punches a kitten*

*No kittens were actually harmed in the making of this recap. Notes were ripped up though. We’re not sorry about that.


  • I had all sorts of glowing things to say about the Jets. I really did. The Lowry / Copp / Tanev line was pretty good and got off to a quick start. Heck, the entire team got off to a quick start. with a pair of goals to open the period. It was maybe the best 10 minutes of hockey we’ve seen from the Jets so far this season.
  • And then REST of the game happened.
  • Seriously, something needs to be done about the defense. Niku needs to be called up. Kulkov and Myers need to be gone. Chiarot should have a permanent press box seat or a full time job in the AHL. Morrow is just a player that exists. Trouba was fine out there, but somehow Myers was three more minutes of ice time than him. Morrissey held their own but by the middle of the game they were starting to look gassed out there and the Oilers were starting to take advantage. Byfuglien’s presence was again missed for yet another game and this time it really showed.
  • Something also needs to be done about the lines beyond the Lowry line and maybe that something involved the Lowry line. Scheifele and Wheeler aren’t connecting right now. Little / Laine / Ehlers is *NOT* working, it never really has worked and needs to be stopped.
  • Let’s give credit to Connor McDavid who now has an NHL record for being involved in his team’s first nine goals of the season. That is some kind of remarkable. His fake shot / drop off pass to Ty Rattie was next level sorcery.  Honestly this game felt like a big FU to the national hockey media who even dared to suggest the last few days that Auston Matthews may be on his level.  (He isn’t. It’s not even close)
  • That overtime goal… I’m going to have nightmares about that goal for the next two weeks.
  • Teams hoping to contend for a Stanley Cup don’t lose games like this.



First Period

Second Period

Third Period



The Jets look to right the ship on Thursday night as the surprisingly decent Vancouver Canucks come into Bell MTS Place. Game time is 7 PM CST