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Afterburners: Quotes And Charts From the Jets 5-4 OT Loss To Edmonton

At the very least, the Jets got a point in the standings from tonight’s game with the Oilers, but it should have been two as they stopped skating and gave up a 4-1 lead going into the third period and ultimately lost 5-4 on overtime.

Understandably after the game, the players were left to wonder what exactly went wrong – besides everything.

They Said It…

Blake Wheeler gives us the perfect game recap?

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“Four to one should be game over. Our line went out, gave up one early on and gave them momentum. You’re fighting an uphill battle from there.”

Josh Morrissey feels the loss was a confidence issue…

“They turned the pace up. It was obviously tough giving up one right away ten seconds in and we kinda just sat on our heels and never got back to playing our game and playing with confidence. That’s what you have to do in that situation, you’re going to give up goals, there’s good players, good teams in this league, so that’s where you have to bounce back and just let it go right away. We just kinda sat back on our heels and they have some high octane guys who can make plays.”

Adam Lowry knows it wasn’t so much an Oilers win but a Jets loss…

“We shot ourselves in the foot. We tried to make plays at the blue line abd kind of fed into their transition game and we were on our heels in the third. Credit to them, they didn’t quit, they have a real dynamic top line, it showed tonight. But I think that was kinda more our doing. We got up 4-1, start trying to make plays, start trying to fit things in the middle that maybe weren’t there and got away from what was creating success for us in the first period and that’s the result that’s going to happen.”

More Wheeler, this time giving credit to the Jets third line of Lowry/Copp/Tanev

“Those guys came out great, doing the right things getting it in deep, taking the puck to the net, great to see those guys get rewarded for their work.”


Stats & charts courtesy of Corsica.Hockey

Matchups are limited to 5-on-5 situations. Tile size is scaled by Time On Ice and colour is scaled by adjusted Expected Goals differential. Blue represents a home team advantage and red represents a road team advantage.

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