JN Picks: Week Two Has All Gone To The Dogs

Welcome to week two of JetsNation picks, where our group of plucky writers go against each other and our weekly guest picker in order to find out who can see the future the best.

In this round of picks, we show way too much faith in Toronto, Dallas and St. Louis and probably not enough in the Vegas Golden Knights.


Yours truly led the way with a strong 6 and 1 showing, only being let down – as we all were – by the Winnipeg Jets performance in Dallas. Cassie placed second with a respectable 5-2 record, while Kyle and Sean went out on a limb with a couple of their picks which didn’t pan out at all and caused them to go 3-4 for the first week.


Our guest picker was Nation Network editor in chief Cam Lewis who didn’t want to show us up too badly by siding with his beloved Oilers and ended up finishing 4-3 on the week.


Introducing our guest picker!

If you’ve spent any kind of time on Twitter talking about the Jets over the last eight seasons, you’ve likely seen words of wisdom from Roddel Bautista, better known to everyone as BigPapiPegCity. Roddy has been a very influential voice of the Winnipeg fan for many years talking about both the Jets and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He’s currently a contributor for JetsCentre as well as the JetsCentric Podcast. More importantly, he’s been a vocal advocate for the Bruce Oake Recovery Center which is a planned long term treatment facility. We encourage everyone to lend their support and donate what they can to the building of a much needed recovery home for men suffering with drug and alcohol addiction.

We invited BigPapiPegCity to pick for us, but he has graciously deferred to his dog Tyrone (seen to the left, in the middle of making his picks) and explained how his dog came to make such critical calls…

“The picks I made this week are made in the most scientific and intelligent way. My dog Tyrone made them. I asked him who would win each game and made him choose which hand to fist bump, either my left or the right hand, left hand for the visiting team and right hand for the home team.”

Tyrone doesn’t have a Twitter account, but is 12/10 good hockey boy and will likely show us all up with his expert picking.

Vegas Golden Knights @ Washington Capitals (Oct 10, 7 PM CST)

Art: Washington – I don’t know what to make of the Golden Knights yet. I want to dismiss them as one year wonders, but it might be a mistake to do so still. Until then, go with the champs.


Cassie: Washington – They’ve been dominating so far and I see them continuing.

Kyle: Washington – Vegas is off to a bad start this year and they seem to be struggling to adjust now that teams have caught on to their style.

Sean: Washington – I don’t know what Vegas has to do for me to become a believer, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Papi/Tyrone – Washington



Toronto Maple Leafs @ Detroit Red Wings (Oct 11, 6:30 PM CST)

Art: Toronto – The Leafs at this point are making like the 80’s Oilers. The Red Wings as well remind me of the mid 80’s Wings.


Cassie: Toronto – Detroit lacks firepower and I’m not sure on the defense being able to stop Toronto’s offense.

Kyle: Detroit -Tavares and Matthews can’t score hat-tricks every game, right?

Sean: Toronto – Leafs have had a few suspect games so far but they are one of the most skilled offensive teams in the league. As our friends at Leafs Nation would say, Bud’s all day!

Papi/Tyrone: Toronto


Winnipeg Jets @ Nashville Predators (Oct 11, 7 PM CST)

Art: Winnipeg – They won game seven there in the spring, so a regular season game in October should be a piece of cake right?

Cassie: Winnipeg – As long as special teams can keep up, I think Winnipeg has this.

Kyle: Nashville – Preds have started the season strongly while the Jets have struggled out of the gate.

Sean: Nashville

Papi/Tyrone: Nashville


Edmonton Oilers @ Boston Bruins (Oct 11, 6 PM CST)

Art: Edmonton – McDavid is going to will the Oilers into a handful of wins this season and I don’t think he wants to go down 0-2 into the season.

Cassie: Boston – That top line is really good. Edmonton would need Boston to struggle to get a win.

Kyle: Boston – Boston has been rolling since their nightmare start against the Capitals while Edmonton is still a mystery.

Sean: Boston – Edmonton is not good

Papi/Tyrone: Edmonton


Pittsburgh Penguins @ Montreal Canadiens (Oct 13, 6 PM CST)

Art: Pittsburgh – I actually really like Montreal and how they’re made up this season. But I don’t trust them enough to pick them for a win yet.

Cassie: Pittsburgh – They’re simply the better team.

Kyle: Montreal – Can Carey Price regain his form? If so, the Habs should be better than last year.

Sean: Pittsburgh

Papi/Tyrone: Montreal


Anaheim Ducks @ Dallas Stars (Oct 13, 7 PM CST)

Art: Dallas – The Stars have been feasting on the power play and the Ducks have been known to take dumb penalties. Seems like an easy set up for disaster to me.

Cassie: Dallas – With injuries for the Ducks, I don’t think they can keep up with the Benn/Seguin show.

Kyle: Dallas – Both Dallas and Anaheim have been terrific to start the year. Dallas’ high powered offense should be able to overpower the Ducks.

Sean: Dallas – They  surprised me last week, and Anaheim’s window is closed

Papi/Tyrone: Dallas


St. Louis Blues @ Chicago Blackhawks (Oct 13, 7:30 PM CST)

Art: St. Louis – If Chicago had any kind of goaltending they’d be an easy pick, not to mention in the conversation for top Central teams. The Blues should outlast them here.

Cassie: St. Louis – They’re marginally better and depending on who starts in met for Chicago it could end badly.

Kyle: St. Louis – A good central division matchup between two teams that are on the bubble. St. Louis should be a good team this year and they will start winning eventually.

Sean: St. Louis – Though they haven’t proven it so far, the Blues are a better team then they were last year.

Papi/Tyrone: Chicago