JN Picks: Can The Jets Go 2-0? Does Anyone Have Faith In Montreal Or Minnesota?

Every week this season, four members of the JetsNation crew – social media contributor Cassie Mossier, writer and JetsNation Podcaster Kyle Buhler, contributor Sean along with yours truly – will take seven games coming up this weekend (tonight through to Saturday) and pick the winners of each game.

But we won’t be doing it alone. Each week we’ll be joined by a guest picker to try their luck against us in that week and other guests we have over the season.

If you’ve seen “ESPN College Gameday” and their picks segment, you pretty much have a keen grasp of what we’re doing here.

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Introducing our guest picker!

For our guest picker this week, it seemed only fitting that we brought in Cam Lewis who is the Nation Network Editor In Chief. You can find a lot of his work over at OilersNation as well as Jays Nation. You can also follow him on Twitter @Cooom.

Montreal Canadiens @ Toronto Maple Leafs (Oct 3, 6 PM CST)

Art: Toronto – Leafs fans have a shiny new toy in John Tavares which has made them forget that they are totally ruining one of the nice toys they left on the shelf in William Nylander. A win here tonight also helps Leafs fans move on.

Cassie: Toronto

Kyle: Toronto – Even with newly minted captain Shea Weber, the Canadiens will have their hands full with the Tavares led Leafs.

Sean: Toronto – Easy one here, I’d pick against Montreal every time. Toronto is going to be a force this season and it will start opening night. Toronto wins big!

Cam: Toronto – Leafs hype explodes as John Tavares leads Toronto to an easy win over the Habs.

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Winnipeg Jets @ St. Louis Blues (Oct 4, 7 PM CST)

Art: Winnipeg – The Blues are improved, but the memory of the Jets first poor week from last week lingers and will motivate this team to set a good tone early.

Cassie: Winnipeg

Kyle: Winnipeg – This is a Jets blog…

Sean: St. Louis – My heart and head argued about this one. St Louis is a much improved team and I think they take the win in their home opener.

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Cam: St. Louis – The Jets suffer a post-breakout-season letdown and the Blues take the season opener.

Carolina Hurricanes @ Columbus Blue Jackets (Oct 5, 6 PM CST)

Art: Carolina – This isn’t so much a vote of confidence in the Hurricanes as it is a voice of concern about the Blue Jackets.

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Cassie: Columbus

Kyle: Carolina – Carolina had solid advanced stats last year, is it finally time for the rest of their game to catch up?

Sean: Columbus – Two teams playing the second half of a back to back. This one won’t be a masterpiece but Columbus takes it.

Cam: Carolina – The Blue Jackets struggle with blueline injuries and the Canes take their season-opener.

San Jose Sharks @ Los Angeles Kings (Oct 5, 9:30 PM CST)

Art: San Jose – More like “Stacked” Jose Sharks… Amirite?!

Cassie: San Jose

Kyle: Los Angeles – Kovalchuk vs Karlsson makes this matchup waaaay more interesting that in would have been a few months ago.

Sean: San Jose – Karlsson and the Sharks take it.

Cam: San Jose – The Erik Karlsson era begins with a bang as the Sharks hammer the Kings in L.A.

Edmonton Oilers @ New Jersey Devils (Oct 6, Noon CST)

Art: New Jersey – The Oilers haven’t done much to improve themselves have they? We’ll see that first hand Saturday in Gothenburg, Sweden

Cassie: New Jersey

Kyle: Edmonton – The Oilers are going to rebound this year, even if McDavid has to score 250 points to lead them to the playoffs.

Sean: Edmonton – Edmonton will be much improved from last year and I expect New Jersey to regress some. Oilers win.

Cam: Edmonton – The Oilers come out of the gates hard after their horrendous season and beat New Jersey.

Winnipeg Jets @ Dallas Stars (Oct 6, 7 PM CST)

Art: Winnipeg – Patrik Laine always shines brightest against the Stars and this season won’t be any different.

Cassie: Winnipeg

Kyle: Winnipeg – The Jets are going to start their road trip 2-0, especially if Scheifele is last off the ice after an intense standoff with Seguin.

Sean: Winnipeg – The window in Dallas is firmly closed. They’re not a bad team but they can’t keep up with the top teams in the Central. Jets win.

Cam: Winnipeg – The Jets get back in the win column over Dallas.

Vegas Golden Knights @ Minnesota Wild (Oct 6, 7 PM CST)

Art: Vegas – Can’t believe I am going to pick against a Matt Hendricks team, but here we are. Vegas comes out strong this season.

Cassie: Vegas

Kyle: Vegas – Is Vegas going to be great again? Who knows, but their speed will do wonders against an aging Minnesota team that boasted free agent signings like Matt Hendricks and Eric Fehr.

Sean: Minnesota – Last year was a mirage. Wild take it. Bonus bold prediction; Vegas misses the playoffs this year.

Cam: Vegas – The Golden Knights continue their surge with a big win over Minnesota.