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Patrik Laine On Canucks Fortnite Ban: “They Needed Something To Blame”

Patrik Laine is well known for sniping goals on the ice and sniping fools in the video game Fortnite, but his latest snipe may be his most lethal yet.

Rather predictably, a day after it was made known that the Canucks were banning Fortnite / Video Games from road trips this season, the Winnipeg Jets’ resident video game aficionado was asked what he thought of the ban. Laine didn’t hold back:

He pretty much said what we’ve all been thinking right? Banning video games from road trips is silly, especially when you consider how many other “distractions” there are and really, where do you draw the line on this kind of thing and how do you enforce it all to begin with? You can play Fortnite on iPads and iPhones, so do those get banned? Should you be stopped from binge watching Netflix series?

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Wyatt Arndt has an excellent write up on the ban and just how ridiculous it is.

Meanwhile, for those wondering how the Jets themselves would handle video games on the road, Laine also provided some insight into that with a follow up quote that may be more vicious than the first…

From where we sit, we’re seeing nothing but truths here.

The Canucks – sans video games – pay a visit to Winnipeg on October 18. We gotta wonder if we’ll see a Fortnite-inspired dance during the game…