Schedule Semantics: The Winnipeg Jets In October

One of the highlights of the summer is the release of the NHL schedule for the upcoming year. While this doesn’t carry the same hype as the draft or free agency, it builds the anticipation of fans across the globe and gives them a date to look forward to. Once the schedule is released, fans…


Jets Nation Podcast: Season Preview

The NHL season is finally here! It’s time to get out our crystal ball and make our predictions for the upcoming season. The Winnipeg Jets have submitted their final roster and are ready to kick things off on Thursday against the Blues. Will the Winnipeg Jets win the Central Division? Will the Stanley Cup finally…


WWYDW: Banning Fortnite / Video Games On The Road?

The history of hockey has seen it’s fair share of players who have had careers cut short or never even fully realized due to various destructive vices that have robbed them of the focus and strength needed to succeed at the NHL level. Drugs and alcohol, addiction to pain killers, Fortnite… Wait, what?