Photo Credit: Twitter - @NHLJets

#GoJetsGo Gets It’s Hashflag Logo back

It’s back! Those of you wanting to chant Go Jets Go through the Twitter-space but hated the fact that people would confuse your Winnipeg hockey fandom for some sort of misguided New York football fandom can breathe a sigh of relief as the NHL and the Jets have brought back the logo to the #GoJetsGo hashtag.

It’s the second year that the NHL has “official” hashtags for it’s 31 teams in what is pretty much a yearly tradition for all sports leagues now both during the regular season and into the playoffs where teams will sometimes replace the hashtag with a slogan adopted for those playoffs. Taking a look around the league, as much as “Go Jets Go” is familiar and almost near iconic with Jets fans, it isn’t an exclusive thing to just Winnipeg as many teams went with what their fans typical chant at home games, if not something even more generic.

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12 of the 31 teams opted for a hashtag begging their club to “Go” in some shape or form. 14 more just took the simple way out and used their team name and maybe threw in a state or city abbreviation in there.

Way to go out and be creative and cutting edge NHL. #LackOfImagination

As much as we’d like to make fun of the Hurricanes for “Take Warning” which seems as much a threat to their own fan base as it is to opponents, or Toronto for “Leafs Forever” which could easily allude to how long it’s been since they’ve won the Cup as it could the loyalty and dedication of their fan base… As easy as it could be to laugh at those, at least those tried to be somewhat creative.

Of course the one we had for our site last season and which we’ll be using again this season – at least I thought – was pretty good.

Now it’s safe to say that we’re a bit biased in thinking #GoJetsGo is pretty good, but to be honest there might have been some other and maybe better options available.

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