JN AirMail – What Is A Shake Weight?

A light week in the ol AirMail inbox as we tackle the hard hitting issues of what calendar month it is and who on the Winnipeg Jets used/uses those infamous Shake Weights (if you don’t know what a Shake Weight is, Google is your friend just try not to fall into a never ending rabbit hole of Shake Weight videos)

We also answer the question on if the Jets really should be still in this weird evaluation type phase they seem to be in.

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Art – Yes, and thank God it is for three reasons. One, playoff baseball is upon us! (Go Astros), Two, regular season hockey about to start and three, we no longer have to see this ridiculous hashtag.

Cassie – Yep. Now people can stop tweeting/instagramming that damn hashtag.

Sean – One of the best times of the year for sports fans. Baseball playoffs, NFL is in full swing, CFL is winding down, the NBA gets going and more than anything else, Hockey Is Back!

Kyle – Two words, pumpkin spice

Brian – Indeed it is, and I might be slightly excited for everything that this month brings. A whole lot of sport, both wrapping up and getting started, and boy oh boy am I ready to get spooky.

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Art – Based on what we just read about him and his Summer training habits and always looking for leading edge techniques, I have to believe Mark Scheifele has at the very least used a Shake Weight and has done so un-ironically.

Cassie – I’d like to think ironically Laine has used one. Un-ironically? Yeah, Mark Scheifele is my guess.

Sean – Clean sweep? Scheifele uses it no doubt in my mind. I get the sense the guy is uncomfortable if he’s not working towards making himself better. So whenever he isn’t on the ice or in the gym he’s shake weighting away.

Kyle – Why not Scheifele? I’m sure if anyone can find a use for it, it’s Scheifele.

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Brian – It is absolutely Scheifele, and I can’t wait for the GQ article about him using it as a part of his training routine.

Winston – What is a shake weight?

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Art – Kind of seems like it and really that’s not such a bad idea as long as things start off ok for the team. TJ Maughan – well known among Jets fans on Twitter – had a good point that I feel like relates to the Jets as it does any other team.

The Jets may start with Ben Chiarot and Brendan Lemieux on the main roster but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. The Jets will add someone at the deadline. Sami Niku will find a regular spot on the lineup by the midway point of the season.

Cassie – People can be sent down at anytime. I don’t think the plan is to not panic, but also I think they’re being careful and want to see if things can be repeated from last year. If things go south, I’d like to think they’ll make changes fast.

Sean – In a way yes, but I also think that coaches and management believes that they are putting their best lineup on the ice and that the lineup is championship calibre. I guess we’ll see if they are right.

Kyle – I don’t think that’s the case at all. The Jets aren’t happy with just ‘making’ the playoffs. They have their own expectation in the locker room and I believe they are gunning for first in the entire league. This team isn’t just coasting from the start, they want to win early and often regardless of who is in the lineup.

Winston – The lineup on opening night last season was almost unrecognizable compared to the lineup the Jets entered the playoffs with. I wouldn’t be too worried about perceived inefficiencies. I could definitely see Niku having a similar season to Kyle Connor last year, in that he gets an early call up and runs with it.

Brian – The average NHL lineup on opening day rarely lasts the entire season. The NHL is fluid in the sense that things always have to change because of injuries, performance, etc.. I think that the forward core could stay that way for quite a while if they stay healthy, but on defense is where I look for the changes, and where I await the arrival of Sami Niku. Obviously you can bolster at the deadline, but I think you have to keep working at making the “perfect” lineup until then.