JNFFT: Dale Hawerchuk vs Dave Ellett

It’s the battle of Dave versus Dale in the second round of the JetsNation Fan Favorite Tournament.

Dale to the surprise of pretty much nobody breezed through his first round match against Phil Housley which seems apropos as Hawerchuk made a career of making defensemen look rather silly.

We’ve also noted just how popular Dave has been in Winnipeg, especially after the NHL’s return to the city since 2011 where it seems he has not only been an ambassador for the club, but always rumored to be joining the club in some official position.

Dale’s opponent in this round is also a defenseman who got through a relatively close match in the first round. Dave Ellett managed to outlast one of the original Jets going back to the WHA days in Morris Lukowich.

And honestly, while Dave might not be able to top Ducky, we at least have another chance to post a playoff goal we still can’t get enough. It’s likely what got him through the first round.


Who gets your nod in this second round clash?