JNFFT: Blake Wheeler vs Connor Hellebuyck

Two men who have recently signed long term deals go against each other in our next Fan Favorite Tournament as the captain Blake Wheeler takes on goalie Connor Hellebuyck.


The Jets’ pair of NHL 2nd team All-Stars left quite an impression on everyone this past season as both were nominated for individual awards, earned Hart Trophy consideration as league MVP and helped carry the club to the Western Conference final. Of all the match-ups we’ve had, this could be our closest¬†voted upon yet.

In the first round, both Connor and Blake had easy victories. The current Jets starting goalie easily dispatched the man he replaced two seasons ago, the Jets original starting goalie Ondrej Pavelec.


While the original and current starting goalies did battle in one match, the original and current Jets captains squared off in another as Andrew Ladd was no match for Blake’s current popularity.

Both Wheeler and Hellebuyck are set to be a part of the club for the next six years… Hellebuyck signed a six year back in July and Wheeler just signed a five year extension that will kick in next summer. Both are by now established cornerstones of this franchise and it’s not hard to attend any function featuring Jets fans and see all kinds of merch with their name and number on it.

It’s time now though to figure out which one is the more popular of the two.