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20 in 20, Line Dancing (Part Ten): Jetsnation Contributors

They say all good things must come to an end. This means we will wrap up our 20 in 20 series with this post featuring the Jetsnation contributor’s line combinations.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this series, I know it was an absolute blast to write and it gave me a new appreciation for Paul Maurice. One of the things I realized is that fans will never come to a consensus about what the lineup should look like. This was especially evident in the last two posts where every fan submission included a different combination. There is no possible way to make everyone happy and that adds another layer to the difficulty of being a head coach.

We are going to wrap up our series with what the Jetsnation contributors think the lines should look like. It seems that the Jetsnation contributors have very similar ideas about how to construct the lineup. Every combination includes Connor, Scheifele, Wheeler or Laine, Scheifele, Wheeler except our fearless leader Art, who chose to move Wheeler back to centre in a daring move.

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Laine – Schiefele – Wheeler
Perreault – Little – Ehlers
Connor – Lowry – Roslovic
Petan – Copp – Dano

Likelihood: 6/10
Fun Factor: 7/10

Winston is the only person to include Lowry on the third line. This gives an interesting look between Connor and Roslovic. This would certainly help Lowry’s offensive play but he might have trouble keeping up with the two speedy wingers.

The fourth line would also need to play some easier minutes. This would mean sheltering them when necessary as they might struggle against bigger and stronger lines. This scenario definitely helps the depth scoring as Petan, Copp, Dano would be able to score well for a fourth line.


Connor – Scheifele – Wheeler
Ehlers – Little – Laine
Perreault – Petan – Roslovic
Tanev – Lowry – Copp

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Likelihood: 8/10
Fun Factor: 6/10

This line is totally dependent on Little’s ability to bounce back after a down season last year. If he can find chemistry with Ehlers and Laine then this combination would work great. The only line that would need a little bit of sheltering is the third line. That wouldn’t be a big factor as Perreault, Petan, Roslovic would be good in the offensive end and not too bad in the defensive end.

This combination also allows the TLC line to do the heavy lifting defensively which might lighten the load of some of the other lines.


Connor – Scheifele – Wheeler
Ehlers – Roslovic – Laine
Petan – Little – Perreault
Tanev – Lowry – Copp

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Likelihood: 5/10
Fun Factor: 8/10

This is definitely the lineup of the future. Ehlers, Roslovic, Laine could potentially be linemates for years to come. They might be slightly too young to play together now, but it is definitely a trio that can learn and grow together if Maurice wishes to do so.

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This also leaves Little and Perreault on a line  together. This is smart  when thinking long term because both of these players might not be in a Jets uniform three or four years down the road. If that is the case, then they might as well be playing together now and letting the other three lines gain experience together.


Laine – Scheifele – Wheeler
Vesalainen – Little – Ehlers
Connor – Roslovic – Petan
Perreault – Lowry – Copp

Likelihood: 3/10
Fun Factor: 8/10

Cody is the only one to feature Vesalainen in the lineup. Cody also puts him in a position to succeed right away with second line minutes and Little and Ehlers as linemates. Vesalainen is definitely a part of the Jets future so why not start him in the lineup already? If he can get chemistry with Ehlers then it provides so many more options for the Jets in the future.

The fourth line is particularly interesting as well. Perreault was dominant on the fourth line last year and helped lead Matt Hendricks to his second best points total in the last seven years. If Perreault can work magic with Hendricks imagine what he might do with Lowry and Copp.


Connor – Scheifele – Perreault
Laine – Wheeler – Ehlers
Roslovic – Little – Petan
Tanev – Lowry – Copp

Likelihood: 2/10
Fun Factor: 8/10

The only combination to feature Wheeler back at centre ice would be fun to watch. Having Laine, Wheeler, Ehlers together would be tons of fun and would probably translate into nice point totals for all three of them. The third line might fare decently as well with Little leading the two younger players and most likely being the finisher between two young playmakers.


Laine – Scheifele – Wheeler
Ehlers – Little – Perreault
Connor – Roslovic – Petan
Tanev – Lowry – Copp

Likelihood: 7/10
Fun Factor: 7/10

If you were curious what I thought about the lines, then here they are. We have now examined almost thirty different line combinations and there is no guarantee that any of them are actually going to be used. Like we mentioned before, there are virtually endless way to configure the lineup and each person has a different preference on how the lineup should look.

This now brings the end to our 20 in 20 series. It ended up being longer than twenty days and featuring more than twenty line combinations, but it was fun from start to finish. As always, let me know your thoughts! Which Jetsnation contributor has the best lineup? (Obviously I do, but feel free to vote for someone else)

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  • Marky the Sharky

    Excellent work boys, this has been a fascinating series.

    I think Laine prefers RW 5 on 5 and only plays LW on PP. If thats the case, that rules out Winston, Cody and Kyle.

    I’d say Alec wins. With some caveats.

    Connor – Scheifele – Wheeler
    Ehlers- Little/Roslovic – Laine
    Petan/Vesalainen – Roslovic/Little – Perreault
    Tanev – Lowry – Copp

    I figure start Roslovic at third line centre, see if he’s capable of playing centre. Put him on the second line at some point, unless Little rebounds in a big way. If Vesalainen is ready this year, then he gets third line and Petan gets press box.

    Having said all that, I love Arts idea of Wheeler at centre. Solves a few issues. Only downside is it breaks up the productive Scheifele/Wheeler bromance. But if Wheeler were to agree to play centre, and Vesalianen were to be ready…Look Out!