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20 in 20, Line Dancing (Part Nine): Fan Submissions (2)

This is part nine of our 20 in 20 series where we look at twenty different line combinations in twenty days. While it hasn’t quite been twenty days since we started this series, we will surpass the twentieth combination in this post.

Don’t worry though, our series is not quite over. We will have one final wrap up which will feature the combinations from the Jetsnation team.

This post will once again feature fan submissions. The submissions received were divided into two broad categories.

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Those with Laine as the top line RW were featured in the last article and those with Wheeler as the top line RW will be featured in this one.

One of the interesting things about the submissions is that majority of people who had Wheeler on the RW included Connor as the LW. Those that had Laine on the RW had a wide variety of people as the LW and there was no correlation with any one person.

SCENARIO NINETEEN: Laine For Rocket Richard

Likelihood: 4/10
Fun Factor: 10/10

The idea of Laine on the top line with Scheifele and Wheeler is very intriguing. Out of Laine’s 44 goals last season, only 24 came at even strength. Laine’s style of play is built for a power play, but his 5 on 5 totals have room for improvement. The easiest way to improve these totals is to put him with the best two players on the roster.

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The second line might need some easy minutes and a little bit of sheltering, but the combination of speed and skill would be fun to watch.

The third and fourth lines would be solid and could be deployed in any opportunity. This lineup offers a diverse skillset with each line bringing a unique style to the game.

SCENARIO TWENTY: 2017 With A Twist

Likelihood: 7/10
Fun Factor: 6/10

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This lineup combination is very similar to how the Jets ended their last season. The top lines remains the same. Roslovic gets promoted to the second line, Lowry gets promoted to the third line and Dano draws into the lineup.

This offers a strong lineup throughout and each line would offer a different skillset. The second line would be fast and offensive minded while the third line would crush opposition with possession and forechecking.

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The fourth line would probably struggle and it might be difficult to shelter both the second and fourth lines at the same time.

SCENARIO TWENTY ONE: Possession Monster

Likelihood: 9/10
Fun Factor: 9/10

This combination should do extremely well based upon previous results. Out of all the lines the Jets had last season with over 100 minutes together, Perreault, Little, Ehlers ranked 1st in CF% at 62.38. Second on the team was Tanev, Lowry, Copp who finished with a CF% of 60.56.

Not only did these lines out-shoot their opponents, but both of these lines also dominated in xGF%. Little’s line finished with an xGF% of 63.39 and Lowry’s with an xGF% of 62.28. This means the lines dominated not only shots attempts but dangerous opportunities as well.

As for the other lines, we know that Connor, Scheifele, Wheeler can play well together. The only unknown is the third line. Given the skill that Petan, Roslovic, Laine all have, it shouldn’t be a problem to have them play together.

SCENARIO TWENTY TWO: Young And The Restless

Likelihood: 0/10
Fun Factor: 5/10

This is a very interesting lineup combination. It includes three full-time Moose players from last year all making it onto the roster. That being said, the only line that would likely struggle is the third line.

Little would be a good option to play with a rookie because of his valuable knowledge and experience. Putting him with two younger players might be asking too much as he would probably find it difficult to keep up with Petan and Appleton on the rush.

The fourth line with Lemieux could be very productive. They would be a heavy, aggressive checking line that would spell disaster for opposing team’s breakouts. They would thrive off physical forechecking and strong neutral zone play.

My Rankings:

Twenty One
Twenty Two

Let me know your thoughts! How would you rank these submissions?

(All numbers courtesy of Corsica)

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    • Marky the Sharky

      Veselainen has never played one NHL game. Roslovic has played less than one season and barely, if at all, at centre. And Laine needs more than third line minutes…

      • Travis

        “Veselainen has never played one NHL game.” Neither had Patrik Laine until he did. Or Kyle Connor, or Mark Scheifle, or any other NHL player, for that matter. What’s your point?

        And if you object to the idea of putting Laine on the “3rd” line, make that your second line instead; besides, he’ll plenty of extra minutes on the first PP unit. Ultimately, we need to get away from this 1st/2nd/3rd… line mentality, and realize that our goal is to have a dangerous combination of players on the ice at any time.

        Remember, our goal here was to rank the fan submitted line combinations; I’m not claiming that 21+Vesalainen is the ultimate line combination for the Jets, only that is both the most interesting and most likely combination submitted by a fan.

        • Marky the Sharky

          Scheifele and Connor weren’t ready for full time NHL nevermind second line duty in their first years..so what is your point??

          I understand getting away from 1st 2nd 3rd line. But reality is, the minute breakdown never works out equally and everyone says if but no team truly works that way. (this years Sport forecaster magazine questioned why Laine’s TOI was down minute and half from year previous). Obv you want your best players on most often.
          Point taken on the ranking submissions.

  • Mijets

    I looked at what players are UFA after this season to see who might be available at the deadline and I thought Anders Lee could be a good fit on the 3rd line of scenario 21 in place of Petan? But only if the cost wasn’t too high.

  • I agree that #22 will be a very, very long shot to happen this season as with Niku and Poolman joining the other 4 young players would have Maurice’s head explode as he has a problem handling more than 1 or 2 rookies a year. I still believe that this lineup is the future of the Jets. I would also like to see Vesailanen in the top 12 as well at the expense of Perreault. Time to use the young, fast and skilled draft, develop and retain players.