20 in 20, Line Dancing (Part Nine): Fan Submissions (2)

This is part nine of our 20 in 20 series where we look at twenty different line combinations in twenty days. While it hasn’t quite been twenty days since we started this series, we will surpass the twentieth combination in this post. Don’t worry though, our series is not quite over. We will have one…


Jets Nation Podcast: Line Juggling

Training camp is finally in sight, and the Winnipeg Jets have been making more offseason moves. They have recently signed another Finnish sniper, Kristian Vesalainen, to a three year entry level deal. Where does he fit in the lineup? Will Josh Morrissey ever get a contract? The guys look at these topics and more on…


20 in 20, Line Dancing (Part Eight): Fan Submissions (1)

This is part eight of our 20 in 20 series, where we examine twenty different line combinations in twenty days. I was originally planning on coming up with twenty different combinations myself, but as the series progressed I wanted to showcase what others were thinking from around the Jets community. The most interesting thing about…


20 in 20, Line Dancing (Part Seven): Size Vs Speed

This is part seven of our 20 in 20 series, where we are looking at 20 different lineup combinations in 20 days. The first few parts of this series looked at specific positions in the lineup to determine who might fill certain roles for the upcoming season. Part six was unique as it focused on…


Adam Lowry Is Amazing And Deserves More Opportunity

For a long time in the NHL, there was an unfair bias against small players. Time and time again, incredibly skilled but small players wouldn’t get the same opportunities big, physical players would get. Many would say this bias still affects the decision making of coaching staffs filling in lineup cards today. I firmly believe…


20 in 20, Line Dancing (Part Six): Load Up Line One?

This is part six of our 20 in 20 series, where we are examining twenty different lineup combinations over a span of twenty days. Our methodology has been to go through various aspects of the lineup and look at possible solutions. For instance, we examined the second line centre role, to see if anyone might fit…


20 in 20, Line Dancing (Part Five): Moose Movement

This is now part five of our 20 in 20 series. I am sure you are now aware of what is going on,  so let’s get right to it! The Jets have been known for the last several seasons for their excellent drafting and developmental skills as their first pick of every draft has made…


20 in 20, Line Dancing (Part Four): Vesalainen Makes the Jump

This is now part four of our 20 in 20 series, where we are looking at 20 different line combinations for the Winnipeg Jets over a span of 20 days. So far in the series, the combinations have been fairly plain. The only players being utilized are those that have already played in the NHL….


What Are They Up To This Summer? (Part Two)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about what the Winnipeg Jets players actually do during the summer. In this case it was about Byfuglien and Myers joining Andrew Ladd’s fishing tournament and catching a few absolute monsters with all proceeds going to charity. This was supposed to be the only post in…


The Wheeler Conundrum Part 2: Keep Him

The 2017-18 season showed Jets fans what the Jets roster can do. For the second time since moving back to Winnipeg, the Jets made the playoffs and made a run all the way to the Western Conference finals. There is no reason to think they cannot do the same again. Therefore, the Jets should endeavour…