JNFFT: Morris Lukowich vs Dave Ellett

Morris Lukowich was one of the few Jets that stayed with the team from it’s WHA days into the NHL and spent a season as the team’s captain in the 1980-81 season. He will go up against Dave Ellett who spent his time in Winnipeg as a solid two-way defenseman who scored maybe the most famous goal in Jets 1.0, if not all of Winnipeg pro hockey history.


Morris Lukowich joined the Jets in 1978 when the club still belonged to the World Hockey Association. The 5’9″ forward impressed with his speed and scoring ability as he racked up 65 goals in 80 WHA games in the league’s final season, was named to the WHA All-Star team and helped lead the Jets to the league’s last Avco Cup Championship in 1979. When the Jets made the move to the NHL, Lukowich for a brief moment was claimed by the Pittsburgh Penguins before the Jets made a move to retain him on the roster – one of only a handful of players they were able to do so.

Lukowhich went on to play 431 games with the Jets over the clubs first six seasons in the NHL picking up 168 goals and 345 points. He was also was named to the NHL All-Star Game twice. He was traded away by the Jets to Boston in 1985.

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Defenseman Dave Ellett was drafted by the Jets in the fourth round of the 1982 draft and made his debut with the team a couple of years later scoring 11 goals and 38 points as a rookie in the 1984-85 season. he played a little over six seasons with the Jets, collecting 95 goals and 299 points in 475 games with the club. Ellett was best known as a solid two-way defenseman and a key part of a very strong Jets defense in the late 80’s.

Of course Ellett’s mote notable achievement as a Winnipeg Jets came in April 10, 1990 as his goal in the second overtime of game four against the Edmonton Oilers that gave the Jets a 3-1 series lead.

(We won’t talk about how that series ended though)

Great Moments In Lukowich History

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Lukowich won fans over with his fast, skilled play but Dave Ellett had that goal and Jets fans have always appreciated a player who could score and play tough hockey when needed. This could be a tight matchup.