JNFFT: Dustin Byfuglien vs Josh Morrissey

We’ve had some one sided match ups so far in the first round and this one may be no different as as young upstart Josh Morrissey goes against Dustin Byfuglien. This one may be as vicious as a Byfuglien hit in the playoffs.


Josh Morrissey was the Jets first round pick (13th overall) in the 2013 draft and he joined the Jets on a full-time basis in 2016 after one more season in the WHL and then a season in the AHL with the St. Johns Ice Caps. He played all 82 games in his rookie season posting six goals and 20 points, and then followed that up with seven goals and 26 points this past season as he was given more ice time and became one of the Jets most dependable players on the blue line. Going into the coming season, Morrissey will certainly be paired up again with Jacob Trouba as the duo have risen to become the Jets top defensive pair.

If you’re to play ‘word association’ with anyone regarding Dustin Byfuglien, the word that would most likely come up more often than not is “beast” and for very good reason. He was traded to the Thrashers/Jets franchise in the summer of 2010, right after he won a Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks. Since his arrival in Winnipeg, to say he’s been one of the top fan favorites would be an understatement. His first game in Winnipeg – a preseason tilt against the Blue Jackets – saw him light up a pair of Columbus players with devastating hits as if to announce his presence to everyone in Winnipeg: “Hello, my name is Dustin, and I hit people really hard.” He also scores a lot as he has 118 goals and 385 points in a total of 567 games played with the franchise.


Great Moments In Morrissey History

Great Moments in Byfuglien History


This could be even more one-sided than our first matchup between Little and Scheifele. Everyone loves Josh Morrissey, but Buff is Buff, right? Can JoMo pull off the upset?