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Jets Nation Podcast: Trade Wheeler?

It’s been a hot Summer in Winnipeg, and it’s about to get hotter for Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff. Right now four Winnipeg Jets RFA’s* have filed for arbitration and a lot of their appointments are scheduled for the next two weeks. Most players never reach arbitration, but Jacob Trouba isn’t “Most players”. The Jets have already signed Connor Hellebuyck to a long term deal that for some is a little pricey. The suggestion has also been put forward, that with the crop of elite young players the Jets might not be able to resign Blake Wheeler after next season and now is when he should be traded. Andrew Bergen from “The Film Collective” makes a guest appearance.

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(0:40) – Hellebuyck Deal
(7:11) – Trade Wheeler??
(18:42) – Trouble with Trouba

*It’s mentioned in the podcast that Poolman has filed for arbitration. At the time of recording of the podcast he has not filed for arbitration.

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