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Knights To Carrie Underwood: Your Anthem Wish Is “Just A Dream”

Maybe the most shocking development coming out of the Jets game seven, series clinching win over the Nashville Predators last week was that Carrie Underwood – wife of now re-retired Preds forward Mike Fisher – is a passionate hockey fan just like you and me.

Only, saltier. Much saltier. And passively-aggressive mad online.


Minutes after the Preds soul-crushing third loss at home to the Jets, Carrie went on a bit of a tweet-storm where she did anything by “Cry Pretty”


Fair enough here. We’re not about to debate a three year old on the merits of Mike Fisher’s worth relative to that of say Sidney Crosby, and if we’re being honest, in that three year old’s eyes, Mike probably is the one that hands over mid-afternoon apple slices where as Connor McDavid hasn’t ever done that, so score one on the plus side for Mr Fisher.


But then Carrie ripped open a bag and dumped salt over the keyboard…

And they’re off to a flying start in the second round as they were “Blown Away” in game one.


No Carrie, we actually don’t because by the time Paul Stastny scored in the third period to make it a 4-1 game, the only thing that was making noise was the fans leaving the building… Or was that noise being piped in over the loudspeakers at Bridgestone Arena as well?

And your team was 1-3 at home in the last series they just had… Just sayin.

Anyway, even though she wanted to jump on another bandwagon and make Vegas a “Second Home,” the Knights after considering it for a moment said in effect: Nah, we’re good here.

“We are very flattered by the offer but we do not plan on making any changes to our previously scheduled anthem singer lineup at this time. This lineup includes musicians who have previously performed at our home games as well as additional entertainers with residencies or ties to Las Vegas that we have been in touch with throughout the year.”

Imagine that, a team that doesn’t just disregard the singers that have been with them the entire season, not unlike the Nashville Predators who last season got into a messy breakup with their former regular anthem singer who rightly felt upstaged by more famous acts brought in when the Predators suddenly became the hottest show in Nashville.

So if Carrie wants to continue being a Golden Knights bandwagon fan will have to do so from the stands only and not as an active anthem singer.

It’s too bad really because now we may never know what would have happened if she had sang in Vegas and the Jets won. The subsequent heartbreak she would have suffered could have perhaps inspired an entire new album of angst-filled Jets songs.