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How Did We Get Here: A Video Review Of The First Six Games

Almost two weeks ago the Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators dropped the puck on a highly anticipated second round series that has not disappointed hockey fans at all. With tonight being game seven in Nashville – like any good series finale – you may want to binge watch the first six games, but that would be at least take you 20 hours or so to do and it’s likely most of us have school or work to try and power through today before seventh heaven.

Thankfully the NHL always posts handy condensed games on their YouTube channel and we’ve collected all six games here so you can get caught up or refreshed in the span of about 48 minutes.

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How convenient! Don’t say we never take care of our Nation!

GAME 1 – April 27

Winnipeg – 4
Nashville – 1
Jets lead series 1-0

“Is being out-shot 48-19 an ideal way to win a hockey game? Nope. But when you look at some of the advanced metrics of this game, the measured “high danger scoring chances” were only at a 14-10 advantage for Nashville – again not completely ideal, but it does play into what exactly the Jets are looking to do on defensive side of things. They want those high danger chances to be limited on their end of the ice and have just as many (ideally more) on the offensive end, so to that degree the Jets got what they wanted out of the game tonight, but I’m sure they’d like to tighten things up overall.”

GAME 2 – April 29

Winnipeg – 4
Nashville – 5 (2OT)
Series tied 1-1

“One of the best parts the Stanley Cup Playoffs is the rivalries that form between individuals on the ice. In the third period and overtime, the same four lines from both teams were continually matching up. When playing against the same players repeatedly for a number of games in a row, battles continue from shift to shift and game to game. One great battle during game 2 was Scheifele versus Subban. These two battled throughout the game on every single shift. There were extra hits behind the play, good hits against one another and a sense of nastiness that can only be replicated in the playoffs.”

GAME 3 – May 1

Nashville – 4
Winnipeg – 7
Jets lead series 2-1

“As the Jets were getting outplayed in the first period, Paul Maurice made a subtle line change. He moved Ehlers to the top line in exchange for Connor. This adjustment paid off immediately as they looked much better once the switch was made. Connor and Laine had instant chemistry off the rush as they created quite a few scoring chances. Ehlers looked good with Scheifele and Wheeler as they can all skate at a high speed and carry the play. This small change during the first period was one of the reasons that the Jets were able to come back as the game progressed.”

GAME 4 – May 3

Nashville – 2
Winnipeg – 1
Series tied 2-2

“The Jets had a great opportunity at the beginning of the second period to tie the game. Nashville ended the 1st period with a penalty so the Jets had an entire two minute power play on clean ice. Instead of scoring the tying goal, they gave away all momentum as they could not muster any chances and found difficulty even gaining the zone. Later on in the period the Jets took a few undisciplined penalties which led to some chances the other way. Nashville made no mistake on their second power play of the game as they doubled their lead mid-way through the second period. The lackluster effort on both sides of the special teams cost the Jets at least one goal and gave away any momentum they had during the second period. “

GAME 5 – May 5

Winnipeg – 6
Nashville – 2
Jets lead series 3-2

“It was great to see Perreault back in the lineup after getting injured in the first playoff game against the Minnesota Wild. While he was possibly ready to come back last game, Maurice chose to let him rest another two days. Perreault got back into the action right away and made a few good plays in the neutral zone. He hasn’t appeared to have lost any speed in the last couple weeks and will definitely help the depth of the team. Perreault also added a goal in the third period to help put the game away. This was a great first game back after an extended absence for Matthieu Perreault.”

GAME 6 – May 3

Nashville – 2
Winnipeg – 1
Series tied 2-2

“The Predators penalty killing was outstanding all game and gave the Jets nothing to work with, but the Jets also were a combination of not being able to get out of each others way and just not skating as well as we’ve seen them do in the past.”