Playoff Picks: Picking The Second Round!

On to the second round and our second round Playoff picks.

And not to be boastful or anything, but we all pretty much had a very solid first round of picks, but Alec was really on point by calling the correct amount of games needed in six of the seven series that he called correct.

So feast your eyes on our picks for the conference semi-finals, and yes before you @ us on Twitter or comment below, we’re well aware our Jets bias may be shining through. Sue us!

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Alec – @AlecVBall 7 of 8 (6 exact)
 Robert – @RougeDalts 7 of 8 (4 exact)
Cassie – @CassieMoiser 7 of 8 (2 exact)
Art – @GameTimeArt 7 of 8 (2 exact)
KB – @BBallBuhler 7 of 8 (1 exact)
Bryan – @YWGBrian 6 of 8 (3 exact)
Tony – @Tony_MBHKY 6 of 8 (3 exact)
Cam – @CamFarquharson 6 of 8 (2 exact)

So feast your eyes on our picks for the conference semi-finals, and yes before you @ us on Twitter or comment below, we’re well aware our Jets bias may be shining through. Sue us!

Tampa Bay Lightning (54-23-5 / 1st Atlantic)
Boston Bruins (50-20-12 / 2nd Atlantic)

Art: Lightning in 6 – Tampa got a nice warm up in with Jersey and are now ready to start the playoffs proper against a Bruins club that just had to survive a full seven game series.

Robert D: Lightning in 6. Boston had trouble with Toronto’s forwards and they’re not as deep as Tampa’s.

Kyle: Bruins in 6. Sometimes it takes a good scare in the first round for a team to play better.

Cassie: Tampa in 7. I think they have the depth to match up against both Boston and Toronto well.

Tony: Bruins in 6. Be bold my friends.

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Brian: Tampa over Boston in 6.

Alec: Tampa in 6. The best team in the East with the best goalie in the East comes through.

Cam: Tampa in 5. Rask has not looked that solid and Bergeron is banged up. I think Tampa has the better defensive group as well.

Washington Capitals (49-26-7 / 1st Metropolitan)
Pittsburgh Penguins (47-29-6 / 2nd Metropolitan)

Art: Caps in 7 – I don’t think Pittsburgh looked overly good against a banged up and weaker Flyers club, this is as good a chance as any for Ovi to finally defeat Washington’s Penguin shaped demons .

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Robert D: Penguins in 6. Until Ovi and company can prove they can beat the Penguins in the 2nd round I’ll take the reigning Champs.

Kyle: Caps in 6. They have to beat Pittsburgh eventually right? Right???

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Cassie: Penguins in 6. I hate this and I want the Caps to win but logic dictates Penguins beating them yet again. The mental battle is won by Pittsburgh.

Tony: Pens in 6. Some fans get to live in the light and those fans aren’t Caps fans.

Brian: *sigh* Caps in 7. I know I’m probably setting myself up for disappointment, but I’m just hoping this is the year the Caps do the thing.

Alec: Pens in 6. If the Caps are going to win this series, they have to hold serve at home in games 1 and 2. I don’t see it happening.

Cam: I did not pick the Caps in the first round, but I think their gutsy come back to take the series has given the Caps a different swagger. Holtby seems to have regained his form and he is a game-changer. Caps in 6.

Vegas Golden Knights (51-24-7 / 1st Pacific)
San Jose Sharks (45-27-10 / 3rd Pacific)

Art: Knights in six – The Sharks should fare a bit better against the Vegas defense than the Kings did, but MAF is on a mission.

Robert D: Knights in 6. I don’t want to… But the Knights have made me look foolish enough for me to pick against them.

Tony: So Sharks in 6. MAF should start to show signs of his playoff melt down by game 3.

Kyle: Sharks in 7. Our beloved Evander Kane will lead the Sharks to victory.

Cassie: Sharks in 6. The Sharks are just too hot right now.

Brian: Knights in 6. I’ve got to a point where I’m just going to stop betting against Vegas, because I am always wrong whenever I make a prediction about them.

Alec: Sharks in 6. While the Kings were not built to handle the speed of the Knights’ forwards, the Sharks have speed in their forward group to match. Logic suggests that Marc-Andre Fleury will not continue playing at a .970 SV% throughout the postseason.

Cam: Sharks in 7. This team is legit and they’ve been able to get this far without Joe Thornton.

Nashville Predators (53-18-11 / 1st Central)
Winnipeg Jets (52-20-10 / 2nd Central)

Art: Jets in six – Hellebuyck continues to announce his arrival as one of the league’s best goalies and the Jets top guns give the Preds defense fits.

Robert D: Jets in 7… in OT. I’m being a bit of a homer, but the curse of the Presidents Trophy will continue and the Jets have phenomenal depth.

Tony: I’m saying Jets in 6 but if I was brave enough Jets in 5 might be my pick. If Jets are close to healthy they roll Nashville.

Kyle: Jets in 5. Life is more fun when being bold. Jets will lose one in Nashville but will win the rest.

Cassie: Jets in 7. My heart won’t survive a 7 game series but I think the Jets will. The ability to come from behind has been big throughout the year so I think if things get rough, they can pull it off.

Brian: Jets in 6. I think it’ll be close, but I think if the Jets play their game and get some key guys back from injury, they should be able to handle whatever Nashville throws at them.

Alec: Preds in 7. Two of the best home teams in the NHL, this series will come down to goaltending and home ice. I think Pekka Rinne has a slight edge over Connor Hellebuyck, and Nashville having home ice in a potential game 7 makes all the difference.

Cam: Jets in 6. I like the Jets’ forward group over the Preds’ group. I think the Jets’ defensive group is a lot closer in talent than people give them talent for. Besides, Toby Enstrom is back and will be a major difference maker.