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Twitter Reacts: Jets And Preds Meet For Round Two

Nothing ever happens in the world now without the masses taking to social media to comment on it and playoff hockey is no different.

Last night as soon as the Nashville Predators win over the Colorado Avalanche in game six made everything official for a second round date with the Winnipeg Jets, everyone had to chime in and have their say.

Official words…

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Weather nerds though quickly noticed a slight flaw…

I think we found a Neil deGrasse Tyson burner account.

Of course we had our own tweet as well…

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We’ve since been told it’s not *that* kind of Predator which totally makes our reaching out to Arnold Schwarzenegger pointless now.

The Experts Chime In…

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A common theme / thought started popping up though whenever anyone talked about these two teams meeting now in the second round as opposed to later in the playoffs:

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The Local Takes…

Oh hey, speaking of travel… Nashville is a slight bit farther away from Winnipeg than Saint Paul was, but Bartley had your route all figured out for you..

Others have already figured out travel, they just needed to figure out tickets to the actual game…

It’s Gonna Go Seven

Everyone has pretty much assumed this series will go all the way to seven, but of course leave it to Mr. Randy Turner to be very detailed in just how that final game will go:

Huge, if true.