JN AirMail: One Regular Week Left Edition

This week in the ‘ol AirMail, we have questions asking us on a handful of different topics including what to expect over this coming week with lineup usage, what to expect from Dustin Byfuglien on the power play, what to expect for money being offered to Trouba and Laine, who we expect could get Cup rings, and what is on the menu tonight.

Answering your most pressing questions are Kyle B, Cam, Brian, Cassie, Tony as well as yours truly.

And here… we… go!


Art M: If they do a rotation type deal over this coming week where they maybe – and this is just out of example – sit Wheeler, Byfuglien and Scheifele for a game and then Stastny, Myers and Little for another game. I have my doubts the guys would want to sit out more than a game or two and I think that push for second in the west and guaranteed home ice in a possible third round is still important.

Kyle: I am fine with those guys playing out the season, but if Maurice thinks an extra day off will help, I am also fine with that. I don’t think giving these guys one extra game off will change their playoff chances at all so we might as well push for second.

Cam: I would like to see some of the scratched players rotate in. Wheeler has had his minutes dialed back because of fatigued and Little was playing wing because of a hand injury. It would be great to give some of the vets a bit of rest for those reasons. The added benefit of rotating scratches into the line up is they would also be ready in case a regular goes down.

Brian: I’m all for a rotation style approach. Bring guys like Roslovic, Dano, Niku, Poolman, etc. into the lineup in place of some of the heavier minute guys for a game or two.

Cassie: I’d be fine with them rotating in fresher bodies so that our main guys can sit and rest up. Many teams do it and it’s not the worse idea. We’ve already clinched home ice so it’s not the worst idea.

Tony: For me this isn’t about resting guys it’s about keeping some excitement and energy in the lineup. With 2nd locked up in the central these really are meaningless games and will be hard for the group to ramp up the energy and excitement level but put in 3-4 young guys that haven’t played much and watch them fly around the ice. That excitement and energy can be contagious.


Art M: Trouba I think would be in that 5.5 to 6.5 million dollar range. I don’t see the Jets paying him as much as Byfuglien but with Enstrom’s contract coming off the books this summer, I think most of that money and a little bit more goes to Trouba now. As for Laine.. I think we’re looking at at least eight million for starters? I would be surprised if the Jets signed him to an extension this summer but what is real interesting to me is that Blake Wheeler becomes a UFA at the same time Laine and Kyle Connor become RFAs, so if hard decisions aren’t made this summer, the Jets for sure will have some tough ones to make next summer.

Kyle: Does Trouba think he is better than Byfuglien? Probably. Does that mean he will get north of 7.6 million per season? No. I think Trouba will come in closer to the 7 million dollar range. The interesting part will be the term to see how long he is willing to stay. The sky’s the limit for Laine, especially if the cap is raised another 4-5 million next season. I think he likes Winnipeg and definitely wants a long term deal. If it is a full 8 years then 8-9 per could be a fairly close number.

Cam: I think Trouba asks for 8+ million and then takes 7 million for 8 years. Laine is interesting. He is young, but it would be prudent for the Jets to sign a player of his caliber to a long term contract before he starts asking for more. I think he also goes for 7 million.


Cassie: I think we’re going to see Trouba asking for 7 million and getting it. Laine is a different story and will probably point to the Eichel and inevitable Matthews contract as leverage for how much he should make. I think it’ll be close to 10 million.

Tony: What they said.


Art M: Pepsi. Although I will forgo both for a bottle of Dr Pepper.

Kyle: Coke, nothing beats an ice cold coke while watching the game.

Cam: Can of Coke, bottle of Pepsi.

Brian: I’m a Pepsi guy, personally.

Cassie: Diet Coke for me, but I’d happily pass over both for some Diet Mt. Dew.

Tony: Brian is right in his analysis.

Art M: Maybe a bit, but I think Maurice would prefer to have Buff and the threat of his shot up at the point. As we’ve seen over the last few games, Byfuglien doesn’t even have to unleash the beast of his slapshot to be a threat as his wrist shot has some pretty good zip to it as well.

Kyle: It seems to me that Byfuglien still does whatever he wants so if he ends up in front of the net, it may be Maurice, or it may just be Byfuglien seeing an opening. He is the type of player that really plays with a feel for the game. He doesn’t just skate to a spot because that is where the coach says he is supposed to be, rather he finds the open ice and plays with a sense of where the play is going to go.

Cam: So, I think we’re seeing a bit of an evolution around the coaching of Byfuglien. His position on the powerplay is to use that point shot, so that the Jets have that threat. However, like Kyle said, I think Maurice has given him the green light to do his own thing, according to the flow of the game.

Brian: As Kyle said, Buff does his own thing a lot. I think if he sees an opening to get to the net, I could see him hanging out there while other players cycle around to the point. Chances are he spends time in his regular point spot, but who really knows where he’ll go.

Art M: The Jets can give rings to whomever they feel should get a Cup ring as that’s a team thing and not an NHL issued deal. If they wanted to give rings to everyone on the Moose, they could although obviously they won’t. Would Nic Petan get a ring? Maybe? Hutchinson I think for sure would. The Cup engraving is the real trick as the NHL does have rules for that stating a player must have played in 41 games with the club or at least one Stanley Cup final game. The Jets can lobby the NHL to add someone they feel should be on it that technically doesn’t qualify, but that is completely up to the NHL really.

Kyle: That is a great question. The Jets have played with so many different players in the lineup I don’t imagine all of them would get rings. Maybe the team has an individual threshold for games played? I don’t think Petan would qualify, but Hutchinson probably would. Would Eric Comrie then qualify if Hutch did as well? There are a lot of possibilities to consider, but I am sure they have these scenarios worked out.


Art M: Likely leftovers from last night’s Easter ham supper.

Kyle: Mini-eggs and chocolate bunnies.

Cam: Stirfry!

Brian: Grilled striploin steaks with a homemade spice rub.

Cassie: Pepper and onion quesadillas

Tony: Mot sure. Might be getting take-out. Stay turned.