The Race Is On: Jets On Home Stretch Towards Playoffs

We are 23 days away from the end of the 2017-18 NHL regular season and most teams as of this morning have 12 or 13 games left in their schedule. From now until the end of the playoffs, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the teams the Winnipeg Jets are chasing and are being chased by for playoff position as we start gearing up for the postseason!

First off a bit of a quick rundown of what we got going on here… 

The teams shown in the standings are for the teams still in playoff contention – amazingly Edmonton, still could make the playoffs. Sorry Vancouver and Arizona. As teams are officially eliminated, this list will shrink.

And as for the breakdown of the teams: First, we’re really only interested in the Jets and the teams immediately around them in the Central Division. So we won’t worry too much about what is going on with Vegas or San Jose over in the Pacific, nor are we going to focus on the Hawks or Blues quite yet.

Right now, I think it’s safe to say Jets fans – beyond their own obviously are focused on four teams:

Nashville – Division leaders.

Minnesota – The team directly below them in the standings.

Dallas & Colorado – Teams a little bit further below and probably more worried about wild card spots at this point, but they could still challenge the Jets if they get on a run.

Basically with about 12 games to go, we’re looking at teams right now within 10 points or less of Winnipeg.

Also, when we refer to “Quality opponents” we’re talking about teams that have more points than games played. So teams like the Stars and Kings we can consider quality opposition. Teams like Chicago and the aforementioned Vancouver and Arizona? Not so much.

Clear as mud? Ok, let’s do this…

The Standings

The Teams

Winnipeg Jets
Game Remaining: 12 (8 home – 4 away / 7 vs quality teams)
Last game: L @ Nashville 3-2
Next game: vs Chicago 03/15
Key Headline: Stastny fitting in with Jets

Nashville Predators
Game Remaining: 13 (5 home – 8 away / 10 vs quality teams)
Last game: W vs Winnipeg 3-2
Next game: @ Arizona 03/15
Key Headline: Preds NHL’s best over last 15 games

Minnesota Wild
Game Remaining: 12 (5 home – 7 away / 10 vs quality teams)
Last game: L vs Colorado 5-1
Next game: @ Vegas 03/16
Key Headline: Wild lose Spurgeon for four weeks

Dallas Stars
Game Remaining: 11 (4 home – 7 away / 9 vs quality teams)
Last game: SOL @ Toronto3-2
Next game: @ Ottawa 03/16
Key Headline: Stars loss in Toronto stings

Colorado Avalanche
Game Remaining: 13 (7 home – 6 away / 10 vs quality teams)
Last game: W @ Minnesota 5-1
Next game: @ St. Louis 03/15
Key Headline: Playoff hopes may rest with Spencer Martin