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JNGD.69 Recap: That Wasn’t Nice

A historic night as Alex Ovechkin gets goals 599 and 600 which tops the one goal Patrik Laine earned to help get the Jets to overtime, but yet again it was the Jets constant barrage of mistakes in the extra frame that kept them from earning a much needed second point.


  • It just felt like a night where Alex Ovechkin would get a pair of goals to get 600 right? Somehow critics still claim that Ovechkin wilts in big moments such as the playoffs and while that may be true of many of his teammates in the past, that has never been true of the Great 8. Maybe years from now, maybe not until he retires will we truly appreciate the greatness that is Ovechkin and his goal scoring.
  • All that said, it’s still damn exciting to think that Winnipeg may have a sniper of their own who maybe one day will push for lofty number himself. He was pressing early in the game – likely feeling the pressure of such a highly publicized match-up, but he did settle down and of course he scored as well.
  • Thought the Jets played an “ok” road game for a team missing so many regulars right now. I know it’s frustrating for Jets fans to watch and this does sound like it’s making excuses, but this team keeps getting points against high end opponents like the Caps in spots where they probably don’t deserve it. Something like that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Connor freakin’ Hellebuyck. That is how the Jets survived as long as they did and got a point out of this one. 40 saves on the night.

Lets talk about the OT..

  • First the penalty by Little which, yes was a penalty, but seems so sketchy to call when that same kind of slash happens all the time. If the NHL called that every time, then fine, but they don’t and to call it in OT? Yeesh. By the way, they did call that type of slash a penalty in pre-season pretty much all the time and everyone hated it. Once again – much like goalie interference – it’s a case of the NHL not making up it’s damn mind or sticking to it’s guns on how it wants things called which leads to confusion.
  • I see some on social media are complaining about Wheeler and Little not burying the 2 on 1 chance, which is fair, but give some credit to Caps forward Chandler Stephenson for making the diving play to break it up.
  • That Buff pinch was bad. That Buff pinch was one he should have never done. But that’s what Buff does and Buff does a lot more good than bad with his overall game, so sometimes you have to take the bad. If it had worked out, the Jets have an 3 on 2 or maybe even a 3 on 1 chance. Maybe the Jets felt like they could go for broke since they already earned a point on the toad.. who knows.
  • It sure does seem like the same three guys get victimized in overtime for the Jets… Wheeler, Little and Byfuglien. Again, no idea why Paul Maurice doesn’t mix it up. The Caps had freakin Chandler Stephenson on the ice for overtime, you’re telling me Nik Ehlers can’t spend time out there, or Joel Armia?




For Winnipeg: Connor Hellebuyck: 40 saves, a lot of them difficult. He’s the main reason the Jets were able to get a point tonight.

For Washington: Alex Ovechkin: Think he was a little annoyed with all the Laine talk? He sure played with a chip on his shoulder and was firing the puck at will tonight. Two goals for Alex the Great.


Less than 24 hours from now the Jets are back in action in an even bigger game than what we had tonight as they slide into Nashville for a big divisional game against the Predators. Puck drop is 6 PM on Tuesday.