JN AirMail: This, Or That?

It’s Monday so it’s time once again for another edition of JetsNation AirMail where we take your questions and answer them.

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It’s a pretty simple right? Let’s get at the questions…

Cassie: I don’t think so. Chiarot’s downfalls outweigh the upside recently and Kulikov is an integral part of the defence. I think we’ll see him pushed down and out of the lineup once the defence is fully healthy.

Art M: All the credit in the world to Ben Chiarot for his strong play the last week or so, but I feel like he’s also benefited a bit from being matched up with the Laine forward line as well. Kulikov and Tyler Myers did pretty well earlier in the season as a third pairing, once everyone gets healthy again, I think the Jets go back to that and Chiarot goes back to the press box.

Kyle: Nope, not a chance. First of all, I think Kulikov is a way better defensemen, and secondly, we are paying him way too much to have him sit in the press box for two more seasons. Our defense is really strong with the six we had at the start of the year (Trouba/Morrissey, Byfuglien/Enstrom, Myers/Kulikov)

Cam: Not a chance. Kulikov is a serviceable player that is paid like a player who should be playing in the top 3 of a defence. Chiarot is a lucky player who will continue to rely on his luck until it runs out or the Jets’ depth knocks him out.


Art M: I don’t know if either is “better” or any one player is more valuable than the other right now. I feel both have similar skill sets. Both are quick skating, both have a heck of a shot, but both are a bit on the smaller size and both aren’t exactly the best defensively. I honestly believe this is a “push” with maybe a slight edge to Ehlers for being the younger player.

Kyle: I agree with Art, both players are similar in styles as well as impact. As far as more valuable, Arvidsson is locked into a 4.25 million deal for 7 years which is an unreal steal. For that reason alone, Arvidsson is quite a bit more valuable than Ehlers.

Cam: I really like both players. But, Arvidsson gets my vote because of his contract.

Art M: I’m ok with the format the way it is now, but I’d actually like to see just a straight up top sixteen in the league format. You could maybe do the four division winners as your top four seeds but go 1 to 16 regardless of divisions or geography and have at it, but honestly I am ok if they didn’t do this. What I really want is full three point games. Three points for a regulation win, two for an OT/SO win and one for an OT/SO loss.

Kyle: I totally agree with Art again. The current playoff format is not too bad the way it is. The one issue that I have is there really is no benefit to finishing first in the conference of league. I would like to see a 1 vs 16 bracket and go from there. Give the 1st place team the biggest help for finishing 1st overall instead of a date with Pittsburgh like Washington last season. The other side of this would be potentially seeing huge rivals competing for the cup. Can you imagine a Boston/Toronto final? Or maybe a Pittsburgh/Washington series for the cup? There are some interesting possibilities with a different format.

Cassie: Do your own homework.

Cam: BRB, checking Wikipedia.

Art M: There are many factors to consider when you talk about the effect of agriculture on the environment, not just in terms of water usage, but the use of chemicals as well as emissions coming from machine use as well as animal waste. Add in the fact that agriculture is becoming less of your traditional “mom and pop family” operation and more in the hands of corporations where bottom lines sometimes outweigh environmental concerns. Now that I think about it, maybe this summer we’ll forget talking about Jets prospects and instead cover the complexities of the Ag Industry on our natural resources including water.