It Came From eBay…

The internet really is the best. One moment you can watch cute videos of puppies scampering around, the next you can get into a heated argument with a complete stranger over which Governor General was the best, then you can go and buy a ton of Winnipeg Jets merchandise until your significant other sees the empty bank account, questions you about it, and suddenly you’re both in a doctor’s office sharing your feelings which you’ve nev…

Ya know what, never mind that.

The point is, you can buy a ton of Winnipeg Jets merch and I’m here to show you the best merch your money can buy on the best eCommerce site ever: eBay.


Just slap a bunch of logos on it, it’ll sell!

You need a new mousepad right? Why not treat your mouse to the absolute best pad it could possibly have with this beauty featuring the three logos of the current Jets team which are smaller than the main featured logo in the middle which has the logo of the 1990’s Jets – a logo that has never been part of the franchise that was “EST. 1999”

And then on the lower left corner is this logo…

What is this? Is this some random mock-up of a logo some guy made? It has a yellow outline… Was that supposed to be a nod to the yellow the Thrashers had in their logo and jersey?

So two of the five logos featured on this pad are either from a different franchise or completely made up. Perfect! Go buy this!


None shall pass! (Unless you like the same team I do..)

Do you have a room or an office which would be perfect except for the fact that just any person wearing a Maple Leafs or Oilers jersey can just walk on in and start talking about how great the Predators are? Annoying right? Well now that’s no longer an issue with these stickers which you can customize to keep non Jets fans out of your personal space!

I just checked with my wife who happens to be a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, she tells me this sticker wouldn’t keep her out of my office, so I guess this won’t work on people who don’t respect the sanctity of stop signs. You may want to keep that in mind as you buy this.

What’s in the box?! (Nothing, nothing is in the box)


For the low, bargain basement price of $34.99 (plus $12 more for shipping) you can own this vintage WHA Puzzle Box featuring all the teams from the western division including your Winnipeg Jets.

Not the actual puzzle mind you, just the box.


The most important notes are always in Comic Sans. That’s how you know they are important.

Are their people that collect puzzle boxes? I hate to judge here, maybe one of you will stumble upon this, see that’s it’s just a puzzle box and think “PERFECT! Dealing with the actual puzzle is always a pain in the ass and all I want is just the box to take up space.” … If you’re one of those people, I need to hear from you.

Come to think of it, if you decide to buy any of these items from eBay or if you see any other amazing Jets sales, give us a shout on Twitter or share them with us via electronic mail at jetsnationnhl@gmail.com! We’re here for you shoppers.