JN AirMail: Mo’ Better Coaching?

Light week on the AirMail both in terms of questions and in answers as it’s just myself and Kyle Buhler from the JetsNation Podcast replying to your most pressing queries.

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And away we go!

Kyle: I am not that worried at all about Maurice. Every time he speaks to the media he always seems to have a firm grasp of what is happening on the ice and what to do about it. I think the playoffs might be a little bit different, and you can argue whether or not Maurice will ever get them deep in the playoffs, but he does have a lot of hockey experience. I am more worried about the players getting out played than Maurice getting out coached.

Art: The funny thing about coaches is that just like players, they too can have off nights and sometimes they can be beat by their peers. Any coach can be “out-coached” at any given time. Joel Quenneville was “out-coached” in last year’s playoffs in a sweep. Ken Hitchcock has been “out-coached” plenty of times. It happens. Is it possible Maurice suffers that fate this season? Perhaps, but it can happen to any coach really.

As far as getting players “ready to play” – If you’re talking about preparing them match-up wise or talking about a opposing team’s style of play, keep in mind that’s not all on just Maurice. Assistant coaches and pro scouts will have plenty of input there as well. I am not that worried that Maurice or the coaching staff will be under-prepared for the playoffs.

Kyle: My understanding is that the Jets do not have to worry about Foley until next summer (2019). Foley was taken in the 2015 draft and they need to play four more seasons before becoming a free agent. That would mean Foley could finish this season and then play the 2018/2019 season and we would still have his rights. There is lots of time, but as we have seen with Appleton, sometimes turning pro a little early can work out quite well. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next year or two. 

Art: To add to Kyle’s point, the Jets do have until 2019 to sign him, that is if he stays with Providence College for his four full years which I really don’t see happening. The moment Foley decides he’s done with life as an NCAA player, the Jets have 30 days to sign him to an Entry Level Contract and for what it’s worth I don’t see that being an issue at all. The Jets will likely sign him to an ELC and then stash him away in the AHL for a year much like they have many of their other NCAA prospects.

Kyle: He’s been a consistent 50 point scorer for the last number of years, and he is locked in to one more season at 4.5 million. That is a decent bargain in my opinion. Rumors have it that Brassard is being shopped for a 1st, a top prospect, and a third piece (late pick or prospect).

I think for Zuccarello a deal could be had for a 1st, Petan, and Lipon.

Art: I’ll admit after seeing him in action Sunday, I would really, really like him on the Jets and I think with one year left on his deal beyond this season he’s probably worth a bit of an overpay to an Eastern Conference club. If the Rangers came to me and asked for Petan, a 1st and 3rd round pick and one of either say Michael Spacek or Jansen Harkins… I’d ask where I would sign.

  • I couldn’t disagree with Art and Kyle more on what the Jets would have to give up for Zuccarello. The Jets don’t need a 30 year old right winger who is a -3 and will be a free agent after next season. What you want to give up to get him is ridiculous. For what you two want to trade the Jets should get a better younger NHL player like Skinner or Domi. I’m sure Chevy would look at your proposals and shake his head no.