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WWYDW: Who Makes Room For Lowry And Scheifele?

In a way, the Jets still picking up wins while missing their top and third line centers makes for a bit of a tricky situation. You know Mark Scheifele and Adam Lowry will be put back into the lineup, but who is taken off the roster and possibly sent down to the AHL to make room for them?

The first name that may come to mind for a lot of fans is Jack Roslovic, but in his last two games he’s been stellar with a bunch of near-goal-misses and in the third period was bumped up to top line duty with Blake Wheeler and Patrik Laine and continued to play well. It would almost be a shame to see him sent down now that he’s had a chance in an NHL lineup and been given some decent ice time.

Matt Hendricks has been a great story all season, and you can’t question that he’s added something to the Jets dressing room and his teammates love playing with him. That said though, his production has trailed off a touch since Matthieu Perreault was bumped back up into the top six. One can also argue his slower play style is starting to stick out like a sore thumb on a team that is built to use a ton of speed to pressure teams.

Perhaps it will be Marko Dano who has had flashes of being a find depth player for the Jets, but still lacks game in and game out consistency and will struggle at times. Dano being sent to the press box may be more of a case of not wanting to move Hendricks or Roslovic off of the lineup and Dano just being odd man out.

Jets Nation, What Would You do?

Lowry is likely to come back after the All-Star break, Mark Scheifele will be back weeks after that. Where do you put them in the lineup and who are you taking out to make room? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • BogdanBogdonovich

    Dani in my mind comes out first. Either scheifele or Lowry coming back results in armia going back down to the 4th line (maybe tanev) and when both return the 4th line will likely see both armia and perreault back down. I’d like to think roslovic would be better between them than Hendricks but Hendricks has been a large part of the penalty kill. I don’t think Maurice is wont to lose a penalty killer. So barring another injury, roslovic falls out, and who knows, maybe that is best decision.

  • John K C

    Yes I would have to say Dano as well just because NHL experience for Roslovic is huge, you want this guy to get as much as possible because he definitely appears to be a star in the making in the Jet pipeline. Is it after the deadline that a team can carry as many players as they want on their roster?

  • I would like to see Roslovic stay in the lineup but I believe he will be sent back down along with Lemieux, but I believe that Maurice will want to keep Hendricks, Dano, Matthias and Tanev in the lineup.