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Jets Nation Podcast: Is Hellebuyck A Legitimate All-Star?

Connor Hellebuyck is an NHL All-Star and will take part in the festivities in Tampa Bay this weekend along with Blake Wheeler, but what do the underlying numbers say? Has he truly earned his spot, or is he benefiting from injuries and down years from other Central division goalies? Kyle feels he might not be as good as people think.

The guys also look at the recent play of Jack Roslovic, the ridiculous playoff format the NHL currently has and if it can be improved, and end the show with “The Real Deal” fantasy hockey segment.

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The Rundown

(0:37) – Playoff unrest

(15:19) – Is Hellebuyck really an All-Star?

(27:45) – Jack Roslovic

(31:36) – The Real Deal


  • Paul from NZ

    Good discussion.

    Re the playoff format, couldnt agree more.

    I clear example was 2014-15. That year,

    NSH was 2nd in central, 104 points
    CHI 3rd in central, 102 points
    VAN 2nd in pacific, 101 points
    CAL 3rd in pacific, 97 points
    MIN 1st wild card, 100 points
    WPG 2nd wild card, 99 points

    i.e. Calgary was worst playoff qualifier

    Nashville, with 3rd best record in west played Chicago with 4th best record, AND LOST. Chicago went on to win the cup.

    Calgary, with 8th best record played Vancouver with 6th and WON

    (Jets with 7th best record played Ducks with best record and LOST)

    Clearly, Nashville got a very raw deal for finishing 3rd in West.

    An interesting and novel idea for a format…

    – Top 8 from each conference qualify, with at least one team from each division.
    – Teams are seeded 1 to 8 based on points, with at least one team from each division in top 4.
    – Team 1 is able to select which of the teams seeded 5-8 it wishes to play.
    – Following this selection, Team 2 chooses from the remaining 3 teams, and so on.

    Would mean that there is more advantage in finishing high, as you can pick based on geography, match ups, record, what ever. Plus add the drama the league wants.

    Understand some other leagues around world do this and apologies if you talked about this on a previous podcast (get mixed up where I hear things, think I heard this idea on Hockey News podcast).

    • KB

      Currently the Winnipeg Jets are 8th in expected goals against (meaning they don’t give up much). They are also 5th in the league in scoring chances against (meaning they rarely give up scoring changes). Furthermore, they are 7th in the league in High Danger Scoring chances against (meaning they don’t give up the dangerous chances either). Not sure where you are getting the high quality he faces every game. This is the best defensive team the Winnipeg Jets have had, and it shows in the quality of chances against. Helle is a great goalie, but the team around him as been just as good.