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Jets Nation Podcast: Window For Greatness

The time to win is now for the Winnipeg Jets. They have elite players, solid veterans, and impact players on entry-level deals. How long though can this window stay open?

This week on the JetsNation Podcast, Cody and Kyle look into “the window of opportunity” for the Jets that is just opening now and they speculate on how long that window could stay open.

The guys also look at the team’s expectations for the rest of the year as they enter the second half of play, and they also talk about the benefits of the bye week which the Jets are currently in the middle of.

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As always the show ends with “The Real Deal” fantasy hockey segment.

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The Rundown

(0:42) – Expectations

(8:44) – Window for success/Best Canadian team

(19:59) – Bye Week

(26:21) – Real deal

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  • BogdanBogdonovich

    What if in real life, a team offered a proven elite goaltender, like Carey Price, and a young skilled winger, like a Namesnikov, for Hellebyuck and Ehlers?
    In my mind, the actuality of Price’s 10 mil contract isn’t worth it, but you really can’t put a price on excellence in a position as important as goaltending. I LOVE Ehlers, but we have so much depth in the too 6 and he does have flaws in his game.

  • Travis

    I think the question of the size of the Jets’ window has to do with how fast you think the key veterans in Little, Perreault and Wheeler (all 30-31) are doing to decline vs how quickly you think the young talent in Connor, Roslovic, Vesalainen, etc are going to mature enough to replace them. Because after those first three, the Jets don’t have any key pieces that are older than 24 in Helleboy and Scheifs. I think the decline of the those veterans is going to overlap nicely with the growth of the youngsters, peaking in perhaps two years time, but remaining strong for many years after Wheeler and co are gone. The Jets have a good system of fresh talent coming in as old talent ages out.