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Jets Nation Podcast: Line Change

Petan between Ehlers and Laine? Dano on Defense? With the Winnipeg Jets near the top of the standings and playing fairly well, should they tinker with the lines? The guys also look at what Winnipeg should do while “Buff” and Enstrom are out with injury, they discuss the trade market for Hutchinson and note some of the players on the Canadian Olympic roster.

(0:37) – Injuries

(8:56) – Line Combos

(26:10) – Much for Hutch?

(28:42) – Olympic Rosters

(30:35) – The Real Deal



  • I think having Petan with Ehlers and Laine has the potential to be an explosive line, as long as Maurice has the patients to let them develop some chemistry. This opens up a great 3rd line of Little Perreault and Armia with a 4th line of Lowry, Copp and Tanev, or Lemieux. It won’t happen because Maurice would rather play Hendricks and Matthias over fast, skilled and smart young players.

    • Joe hannah

      I think Petan’s time has come and gone similar to Dano. If they actually cared about these guys careers they would trade them. Connor has surpassed him and Roslovic is close behind. Maurice is in love with Tanev and Copp even though there would appear to be better options. Tanev registers hits like crazy but never really knocks anyone down so it really does not provide the grit value one might like. Copp is not very noticeable- he is completely vanilla. I have given up trying to figure out the way Maurice thinks.