JNGD.31: Jets Roll Over the Canucks

The Jets stay hot with a 5-1 win over the Vancouver Canucks as the Jets continue their impressive streak of games. They are now 5-3-2 in their past 10 games.

For about the first half of the game was a bit of an adventure for the Jets. Other than a flukey goal by Dimitry Kulikov, the Canucks looked like they were going to come out victorious. Rookie Brock Boeser scored the only goal for the Canucks and that tied the game 1-1.

However, Mathieu Perreault would score just as the Jets’ powerplay ended, giving the Jets a 2-1 lead. Once this goal was scored, it seemed to be a lot of the Jets and a little bit of the Canucks at the end of the game.

Perreualt’s goal would count as the game winning goal.

Josh Morrisey scored as well and Nik Ehlers sniped an actual powerplay goal past Jacob Markstrom. Last but not least, Matt Hendricks got in on the goal-scoring action at the end of the game with a nice pass to Perreault to make the score 5-1.

Overall, this was a solid game by the Jets, who looked good on the powerplay and made most of their chances count.

Perreault showed why he is one of the most important pieces for the Jets tonight. When he filled in for Brandon Tanev on Adam Lowry’s line, Perreault was able to make that line play like a newly strung guitar.




Matchups are limited to 5-on-5 situations. Tile size is scaled by Time On Ice and colour is scaled by adjusted Expected Goals differential. Blue represents a home team advantage and red represents a road team advantage.


Mathieu Perreault: Not much needs to be said about Perreault’s game because he has consistently been that good. He makes everyone he plays with better. He also scored 2 goals tonight, including the game winner.

Brock Boeser: Boeser scored his 16th goal of the season on offensively challenged team. The Canucks have something special in this young rookie.


The Jets fly into the windy city and play the Blackhawks on the road this Thursday.

  • The Jets played a poor game, but seemed to handle a weak Canuck team with ease. A mark of a good team is that they can play a poor game and still win. Why doesn’t the media call out Maurice about the Jets lack of a defensive system? As shown against skilled, fast and well coached teams the Jets will be in trouble.