JN AirMail: Of Rap Gods And Men

In this week’s edition of JetsNation AirMail, we talk about the idea of the Jets running “set plays” in order to create offense, we go into just what True North Sports and Entertainment might be thinking with Paul Maurice as head coach and… Is Nik Ehlers a Rap God, Rap God? All my people from the front to the back nod, back nod?

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Art: To me hockey is more read and react and while teams can and do have “plays” to help get certain guys open for an offensive chance, or create scoring chances I always feel like there is a higher chance of ‘dumb luck’ than any other sport. I think the Jets right now have ‘set plays’ they want their higher end players to try and execute to get a player like Scheifele open or give Laine a chance for an open shot, but I also get the feeling the Jets – especially when it comes to the “bottom six” – are very much a “dump the puck, try and go get it back and see if you can make something out of that” type team.

Cassie: I have to agree with Art. I don’t think hockey has a lot of set plays, outside of the powerplay. Often times, plays develop based on the opposition and even the weird bounce here and there. I feel that it’s a structured system of players playing the right places on the ice at the right time. I don’t think we’re seeing that quite yet. I’d like to think that the structure is to make the top 6 better and the bottom 6 has to fend for themselves, but even that is unclear right now.

Art: It’s still a bit early to say IMO, but Connor has looked very much at home on the top line with top guys… And really is the idea of Perreault on a 3rd line that bad? The Jets should be running “top nine” forwards anyway, so Matty P on the 3rd line wouldn’t be so bad… provided he’s not saddled with say Adam Lowry and Brandon Tanev.

Cassie: It depends on a lot between now and then. Will Connor still be good on that line? Are there injuries elsewhere that he can slot into? Who is even on the 3rd line at that time? Right now, he’ll probably land back on the 3rd line, and that’s not a bad thing if his linemates are quality. It would spread out scoring, which is what most teams are doing these days.


Art: This was asked after the Columbus loss and honestly the way the season has gone, that extension he was given before the start of the season is looking more and more sketchy. None of us can tell you what TNSE is or was thinking when it comes to Paul Maurice other than publicly they feel he’s doing a fine job and you won’t hear anything else otherwise.

Cassie: I honestly think TNSE will wait for the 20 or 25 game mark to make a choice. They’ve shown, if anything, they’re patient. This is the make or break year for him though and if they’re struggling then, it’ll be time for him to go.

Art: So… Is feeling like a rap god a good thing? I assume it is. He probably feels like he can pick any corner he needs to, he may even feel like he might score on the next breakaway chance he gets, but is he feeling like he can spit bars and write rhymes? I don’t know… I feel like this is a phrase that the younger kids will nod and get and I’m over here wondering if I am missing a joke which as I get older I feel is happening more and more. Abe was right…



  • Dr. Rocktopus

    Thanks guys! I asked my question because I wanted second (and third?) opinions. in my own head, I’m actually very optimistic. I think Frenchie’s injury was very well-timed. With KC coming straight to the top line this early in the season and putting up numbers, I do think it’s more likely we’ll end up with Frenchie on the 3rd line for most of the season. This is something I’ve wanted for months, I admit, so I might be biased, but IMO Matty Perreault single-handedly makes the third line a scoring threat. It almost (almost) doesn’t matter who else is on that line. Consider:

    All three of those guys make plays and complete passes, but Perreault adds a lot more finish. Lowry causes chaos at the net-front, Perreault can capitalize.


    Suddenly this line is twice as dangerous on the fore-check.


    Copp has shown a bit of finish, which would complement Perreault. Cycle game is still strong.

    My favourite:

    For my money, Petan and Perreault play a similar style of game. Both excel at setting up quality chances. I strongly suspect they’d not only drive each other’s production, but that Lowry could put up a career year between them.

    TL;DR: we Jets fans should be cheering hardest for KC to keep putting up numbers – he is the key to unlocking a true top 9-focused roster!