JNGD 4 / Instant Recap: Jets Sneak a 4-2 Win Over the Canucks

In this battle of Canadian titans, the Jets led a valiant effort against the Canucks. The Canucks would prove to be a worthy opponent to the Jets. Okay, lets be honest, the Canucks are not going to be great this year and the Jets should not have had a problem beating them. Nor were they a worthy opponent.

The Jets beat the Canucks 4-2 in this lackluster game.

The Canucks went up part way through the 1st period to take an early lead on the Jets. However, the Jets were fortunate to have a puck deflect off of Canucks’ defenseman Michael del Zotto and past Jacob Markstrom to tie up the game 1-1.

The game would continue on, lovely as could be, or boring as could be, until the second half of the second period. Patrik Laine would shoot a laser past Markstrom and shortly after that, Tyler Myers would score short handed on a 2 on 1 man advantage.

The 3rd period was interesting. The Jets made the Canucks look good and the game got a lot closer than it should have been. Chris Tanev would score a second goal for the Canucks on a knuckle baller that fooled Hellebuyck. After the goal, Hellebuyck was able to regain composure and hold on for the win as the Canucks poured on some pressure. Ehlers would net an empty net goal to secure the win.

The Jets end up winning the game 4-2.


  • The Jets penalty kill was awful tonight. It is way too passive, allowing too many shots. If the Canucks had a more potent powerplay, the score would be considerably different. Thankfully, Hellebuyck was mostly up to the task.
  • The Jets are dumping and chasing too much. This stumped the Jets’ offence a little bit and muted the creativity of their forwards.
  • Laine was not played enough and not put in a position to succeed. Yet, he still scored a goal. An example of not being put into a position to succeed was during the 4 on 4 at the beginning of the 3rd period, Laine was out with Little. Instead of going to a shooter’s position, the Jets’ 4v4 system had him go straight in front of the net. A player like Laine needs to be able to use his shot when there are more open passing lanes.
  • The Jets let the Canucks dictate play. Like I said before, if this was a better team, the Jets would have been down instead of squeaking a win out. Truth of the matter is the Jets have the skill to run around the Canucks, yet they did nit.
  • Hellebuyck was solid tonight. On the penalty kill, Hellebuyck was there. 5v5, Hellebuyck was there. Heck, even on the powerplay, Hellebuyck was there.









  • Bobby Kerr

    Okay game played by the Jets. Helley was great again. Why is “stone hands” Mathias on this team? Such a waste of a roster spot. Poolman is looking great, simple but effective game. Didn’t like Wheeler and Shiefs shift length, i think Schief played a full 2 min PP plus a 30 sec shift after lol. Are they playing a 1-1-2 penalty kill in their own end? Just brutal. We will take the win but against a better team this wont cut it. The line usage is mind boggling, POMO needs to go! Go Jets.

  • FishWhiskey

    With a third and fourth line that can’t score and are not especially good defensively the Jets had better hope young Connor Hell-cat can stand on his head every night or it will be spring golf again this year. Hope Kyle Connor and Roslo burn it up for the Moose and can be brought up at the earliest opportunity. In the mean time Petan, Copp and Dano might be able to add some secondary offence if they are given more than five minutes of ice time a night.

  • Maurice was out coached as usual. Poor use of his lines and the dump and chase philosophy should not be part of the Jets style given the speed and skill they have. The need to bring up Connor and Roslovic and put them on the 3rd line with Petan. They need an effective 3rd line. Dump Matthias and any one of the other bottom 6 players. When Hendricks is better there is another wasted space on the bottom 2 lines. Helly played great but they can’t expect him to stand on his head every game. Still no evidence of a defensive system.

  • BringtheFire 2.0

    I never got that Maurice extension. I mean, yeah, give him one more year to prove it, but…i guess the whole ethos in the ‘Peg is; “Fix the goaltending and the rest is fine anyway”. That attitude nearly done Calgary in last year.

    Also, take heart in your recent wins. I don’t believe they’re an anomaly. There’s simply too much talent your team to deny.

    Also, as far as coaching goes, we’ve allowed the most shots in the league and we’re 3-1.

    Go figure.