JN Air Mail: October 10

Welcome to a Tuesday edition of JetsNation Air Mail where Cassie, Art and myself discuss the most pressing of Jets and all hockey questions from you; the fans.

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Is PoMo capable or has ever demonstrated ability to make his teams play system/structure/defence?

Cassie – I don’t think he has demonstrated a system that has a focus on defence. His system seems very old school and hasn’t adapted to the new game. He has fast skilled players, but he’s not using them as well as he could be using them. Once he moves to a system with 3 scoring lines, things will improve. I just don’t know if we’ll see that.

Cam – It’s not that he doesn’t have a system, Maurice’s system is just bad; it is way too passive in the defensive end. Like Cassie said, until he coaches too old school for today’s roster and his system does not utilize the roster’s strengths.

Art – I’m also in the “he has a system, it’s just not a good one for this team” camp. Four years ago, what he wants the defense to do and how he wants the forwards to play with them would have worked for that Jets team, but he hasn’t changed anything in that time while the players he has have evolved into a more dynamic offensive capable group. I think he’s capable of having his team playing within a system or structure, I just don’t think he’s capable of evolving.


Did our goaltending situation get worse without Pavelec?

Cassie – The goaltending situation is an interesting one. I believe that losing Pavelec is still a good thing and I’m not sold on our goaltending being terrible. In the game against Calgary, many of the goals were at the fault of the defence. If they fail, Mason has to try to overcompensate, which isn’t his skill. Mason is a league average goaltender and a lot of people are expecting him to be the next coming of Hasek. I think we need to give it at least a month before judging the goaltending situation.

Cam – I still think the issue with goaltending last year was with the system and not the players. The Jets are having similar issues this season as they did last year. Although, we are only a couple of games in, so time will tell.

Art – I think the goaltending is better, Mason is an upgrade over Pavs and I bristle at the suggestions by multiple people that Mason isn’t any better. There may be a goal or two in the first few games he would have liked back, but he’s been put in so many difficult scoring chances that any world class goalie would have issues with. Until the Jets get better defensively, I withhold full judgment on Mason.

  • I agree with Cassie and Art that the Jets haven’t demonstrated any real defensive system. They spend their time chasing the puck and hope that the goalie makes a save. I believe that it starts when the other team has possession of the puck. The Jets defense never stand up at the blue line but retreats past the slot allowing the other team to gain control of the Jets zone unimpeded or get a quality shot on net. Why is this the case? Is it the Jets have weak, slow and unskilled defensemen, or is it poor coaching and lack of faith that their defense can force the play at the blue line?