JNGD 3 Instant Recap – A Pool of Hats

Tonight Tucker Poolman made his debut while Dustin Byfuglien was sitting in the pressbox. It’s also a night where Nik Ehlers had a hattrick. Did I mention the Jets also won their first game of the season? Yeah, that happened as well.


Tucker Poolman played his first NHL game and couldn’t have looked better. He made some great moves that were more indicative of a veteran than a rookie. Depending on how long Byfuglien is out, we might get a better idea of how he’ll be in a year or two. So far, he’s looking good and his future is bright.




Aside from one cross-checking penalty, Tanev played an amazing game tonight. He was generating chances and was an all-around beast. Hopefully his play can keep up and he can keep impressing.


The Defence

There were some rumblings on twitter that with Byfuglien out, it’s no wonder that the defence was better. The problem is that the defence wasn’t better. This was one of those goalie performances through and through. There are changes that still need to be made for the defence to be better. Tonight wasn’t indication that they started yet.



Scoring Summary

Gif Recap




*Note* This was an Ehlers goal. Mistakes were made


Tweet of the Game

  • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

    Nice work boys. You’re team is way deeper than the one trick clown show in Edmonton. Hopefully you can build on this win and get something going

    • Dr. Rocktopus

      Yeah, I find the lack of discussion here on JN to be very puzzling, and even more unfortunate. When I describe to friends the difference between JN and AIH, I tell them I read JN for better writing, and AIH for better discussion. Not sure why, but this has been the case as long as I’ve been a reader, and the problem has only exaggerated itself over the last year.

  • Unfortunately the Jets still don’t have a defensive system as was shown by them allowing 20 shots in the 1st period. Hellebuyck stood on his head to keep the Jets in the game. Hopefully we are seeing an emergence of what this team hoped he would eventually mature into. The Jets needs to get some sort of defensive system or they will destroy any confidence that Hellebuyck is starting to develop. Not too many goalies can face 40 shots every game. This is up to Maurice to get done, soon. Great play by the top line.

  • Eddie O rules!

    curious to see who starts in net in vancouver. Assuming this is a 1a 1b situatuation they could go with the hot hand. Or, they could try to get Mason going with an ‘easy’ game.