JN Air Mail: Oct 2 – Petan Or Not Petan

Welcome to JetsNation’s Monday Air Mail, where you tweet and we get back at ya. Today we have a short and sweet Air Mail, which isn’t just like me. Please tweet @NHLJetsNation  to get your questions in for next weeks’s Air Mail. Hopefully, we will have some exciting things to talk about next week after the season’s start!

Your Questions

This is a big if because Maurice currently has Petan on the fourth line, right wing. If Petan regularly plays centre for the Jets this season, it is conceivable to see him score 30-40 points. In my mind that also includes powerplay time, which he received last year and in the pre-season. If Petan is regularly playing with fourth liners, 30 points will be a stretch.


Yes. Does Maurice think so? No. Connor practiced as the thirteenth forward at the Jets’ latest practice. That is the worst place for him to be as a rookie with offensive promise. For Connor to be most effective, he needs to be on at least the third line, if not in the top six.

I think Byfuglien played a ton last year out of necessity. At times the Jets were playing with Melchiori, Chiarot and Stuart in the line up at the same time. Those three should not be in the starting six. On top of that, Morrissey was a rookie last season. So, it makes sense if Maurice kind of let Byfuglien do his own thing when it came to shift length, as long as he could keep up the same level of play. This season promises to be different because the Jets finally have a healthy defence.

People are obsessed with grit and heart, plain and simple. Should Hendricks be in the line up over Connor? Absolutely not. Maurice seems to want to use Hendricks as a faceoff specialist, which is cool, but only if the Jets have set plays for what happens after the faceoff win. Unfortunately, I do not have confidence that the fourth line will have such plays. I expect to see a lot of the Jets getting stuck in their defensive end while Hendricks is on the ice.


The real question is, why is Tanev in the line up? That’s another story, though.

  • I agree that Connor should be in the lineup instead of Tanev. If Maurice isn’t going to play him send him to the Moose so he won’t lose his confidence like so many other young Jets prospects have done. I cringe at the thought of Hendricks and Matthias eventually being on the same line and pity the player saddled with them. Watch Maurice put Tanev on that line. They would have to lead the league in blocked shots for Maurice to justify having them on the roster. Its a shame that skilled players sit while Maurice plays his favorites.