NHL Fans: Jets Nation here again

Hello Jets Nation. You may remember me from about a month ago when I introduced you to Carter Jansen and his friend Graeme.

Carter (left) and his family

For those of us who didn’t read the first article (link above), Carter Jansen was a young man who was planning on attending his first ever Jets game since the team came back to Winnipeg last season. He was going to do so with his friend Graeme (whom he had met playing EA’s NHL games). Tragically, Carter never got to that game as he was killed in a car accident prior to the season. His friend Graeme resolved to do something for this young man who was taken far too soon and so he put together this jersey tour. A jersey with Carter’s name on it will be sent to fans who volunteer their time to him, to then take to their assigned team’s game and take a picture with the jersey on a seat at the game. Anything else they can do will be graciously accepted and thanked. Then the jersey will be sent back to Graeme to continue on. We at Jets Nation heard of Graeme’s plans and offered to help facilitate in any way.

The response we received was absolutely heart warming¬†and just went to prove that hockey fans are indeed the best. I will be making every effort to keep everyone updated on the on-going trek around the league and then the final presentation to Carter’s family.

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I will be providing Jets Nation and all fans with updates as the season goes on with the travels of Carter’s jersey and with anything else Graeme might need in getting the jersey around.

The cost of the new jerseys and the transit of these jerseys to Graeme has become a little heavy so some adjustments to the tour will happen. He is now going to be purchasing a Reebok jersey for the traveling one. It’s more cost effective to purchase and if something did happen, a new one should be easier to get for a reasonable price.

We need your help:

We also have run into some snafus with the schedule of some of the people who had offered to do it previously (and that is completely understandable.) So as of right now we really need fans who will be attending games in these listed cities to offer to help out.




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Remembering that Graeme is scheduling a trip to the other 30 arenas. He is doing his best to make dates work for everyone. So please share with anyone you can.

Graeme will be on CBC Radio in Winnipeg (who when they read our story sought out Graeme) this Monday September 18th at 8am.

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Contact me anytime through twitter @TheNationDan or email [email protected]

Please share this story with anyone you can. Please put us in contact with hockey fans from around the league (in the list above) and lets give Carter his proper remembrance.