3 Takeaways: Jets Prospects Lose 3-0 To Oilers Prospects

A second rough night in a row for the Winnipeg Jets prospects as they drop a 3-0 loss to the Edmonton Oilers prospects.

The Jets again had a poor opening 20 minutes and fell behind early. They did have a bit better of a second period until the Oilers second goal – an unfortunate bounce off the skate of Logan Stanley that got past Jamie Phillips – seemed to spark the Oilers back into the game and give them momentum to carry through the rest of the game.

What To Takeaway From Tonight:

1 – Logan Stanley continues to disappoint

Look, I know this isn’t easy for fans who want to give the 19 year old defenseman plenty of time to develop, but the truth is this is his second prospect camp and we’re still waiting to see something out of him that will give us show us why the Jets traded up in the 2015 draft to select him. His decisions on where to pass a puck or when to pinch have been questionable and his footwork – which he himself admits needs work – looks poor even compared to fellow prospects and ‘tryouts’ on the ice with him. This isn’t to say that he’s a bust of a draft pick (yet) or that the Jets made a horrible mistake (yet) but he needed to show at least a sliver of progress in this tournament and looks about the same as he did last year.

2 – Jets goaltending prospects are deep

Jamie Phillips was outstanding in a 35 save effort tonight and for a second night in a row the man in the Jets net was the best player wearing blue. Both goals against him can hardly be pinned on him as his fault alone and he made a handful of key stops – including one on a breakaway in the third period – that kept the Jets in the game. While last night’s goalie¬†Mikhail Berdin leaned a little more on reaction time and wasn’t as sound with his angles and position as you’d like to see from a young goalie, Phillips tonight almost seemed “boring” in terms of how he tended goal. He did well to stay square to shooters, didn’t scramble a whole lot. It was a very solid showing for the kid.

3 – Michael Spacek dazzles

You can argue the best forward for the Jets against the Oilers was 20 year old Spacek who once again showed off his slick puck handling skills and created three notable plays through the game that he just couldn’t finish off. He’s not afraid to carry the puck and try to make something happen which is a good sign and seems to be able to anticipate plays well in an effort to get himself open. Look for him to open some eyes when regular Jets camp starts up on Thursday.

Next Up For The Jets:

The Jets prospects have a day off on Sunday – will practice in the morning and then do some team building in the afternoon – and then suit up 12:30 PM CST on Monday as they take on the Calgary Flames in both club’s final Young Stars Tournament contest.