We want your feedback!

Over the summer you may have noticed that we changed up management and brought in a handful of new writers.

With the season just about to start (a little over three weeks until the first preseason game!) we’re getting revved up here at JetsNation to cover it.

But we want to know what you want to see from us. We know we can’t be every kind of blog to every type of fan, but we’re sure gonna try! We want to know what matters to you. What you’ve liked from us, what you haven’t liked and what you want to see more and less of in the future.

Your answers are confidential – unless you outright tell us your name – and will be read by the JN staff and used to make this site better for you!

Thank you for helping us out and being a part of all small little corner of the world wide web. JetsNation.ca isn’t about one person’s vision for what a Jets blog should be, and it will never be exclusive to a certain type of fan. We want fans of all types to feel a part of this..

We’re growing, trying to be one of the best darn sources for Jets news and info you could possibly have and we value your feedback, not just now but any time you feel like you want to let us know what’s on your mind.

Thank you!

  • FishWhiskey

    You guys are doing great work! Just a couple of things I miss from the old regime.
    #1. I know they are big shoes to fill but I hope you can keep some good analytic pieces coming forward in Garrets absence.
    #2. The old comment format had an edit option to tweek comments after they had been posted. This was a great feature as errors seem to become painfully obvious only after the “post comment” button has been hit.

    Otherwise, great work gentlemen and it is appreciated!

  • Skallagrimson

    Agree with #1 from OP.
    I appreciate the site, more analysis would make me happy. Not sure if you can use any of the Rob Vollman material with his permission. Lots of interesting material there that would fit nicely with your site.
    More Moose and and prospect updates would be welcome as well.
    Please keep the site going, I check it most days.

  • Eddie O rules!

    Just noticed one way to improve the comment section. Somekind of marker that shows that there are new comments on an article. And a marker by your user name that someone has replied to one of your comments..