WWYDW: What do your defence pairings look like?

Going into this off-season a lot of people figured that the Jets were going to be faced with a lot of questions on the defence and the pairings. When you take a step back, it’s not as questionable as one might think. It might be a defence core of questionable quality, but the pairings are pretty cut and dry.

There are currently 7 defencemen on the roster but only 6 spots. Logically speaking, I feel that Chiarot is the odd man out so when I was messing around, the pairings for me looked like this:

Morrissey – Trouba
Kulikov – Byfuglien
Enstrom – Myers

Not surprisingly these are also the projected pairs on DailyFaceoff.

The reason this isn’t as shocking as it should be is that these make the most sense. We saw Morrissey and Trouba together last season and it worked. They’re the future and can hold things down the best at the moment. Kulikov didn’t come to the team to be on the third pairing and I’m not going to be the person to tell Byfuglien that his minutes are reduced to almost nothing. Enstrom and Myers both had injuries and need time to determine where they should really be. It makes sense to gauge where they are on the third pairing. That still leaves Chiarot sitting on the outside looking in until someone is injured. The only questions I can really see about the defence are what do we do with Chiarot and what do we do when someone gets injured.

For Chiarot, there is the option of waiving him or just having him ride it out in the press box. If he rides it out in the press box, it answers the injury question with ease. If he goes down to the Moose, he might stay there and during times of injury, we could see Poolman come up.

In an alternative reality, we could see Myers shift up to the 2nd pairing, Byfuglien go back to forward, and Chiarot play the third pairing full time. Thankfully we live in this reality and I doubt this situation will happen.

What Would You Do JetsNation?

With all of this in mind, what say you JetsNation? What do you have as projected pairings? Do you think it’s far more complicated than this? Do you want to see Chiarot in the press box or in the AHL?

Let us know what you think in the comments below, @ reply us on our Twitter page or leave us reply on our Facebook page.

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  • t_bison

    Two things:
    1) I can see Kulikov with Trouba to start – JoMo & Buff were good together last year as well.
    2) Remember two years when Enstrom & Myers were our first pair? Damn…

  • Suiteswing

    Buff seems to work best with partners who can cover for his occasional defensive malaise. Since Kulikov isn’t a known product at this point, I’d imagine that he would be paired up with either Morrissey or Enstrom to start the year. Since Enstrom and Byfuglien are another known entity, I see this running as a 1-2A-2B.

    Morrissey – Trouba
    Enstrom – Byfuglien
    Kulikov – Myers

  • Arctic_Attorney

    I agree with the pairings above with the exception of switching Enstrom and Kulikov. That would leave one big hard-hitting D-man on each pairing. Chiarot should remain in the press box. I would likely see a defensive switch on the PP. Currently, we use 4 forwards and 1 D on the PP. I’d like to see the second unit stay this way, but have Buff as one of the forwards. He has played and excelled in this role when in Chicago as he’s unmovable from in front of the net, and it would allow him to slide back onto defence once the penalty is over so that we aren’t in a compromised 4F 1D situation until the next whistle. It would also have the benefit of allowing Trouba 1st unit time, which his P/60 last year warrants.

  • Dr. Rocktopus

    Yeah, I think the posted pairing are the way to go. If (since) Kulikov needs shelter, Buff is the best man for the job (look at what he did with Chiarot a couple years ago). They’d also be a fearsome physical pairing, so that’s fun. I seem to recall Enstrom-Myers worked reasonably well together as a shut-down second pairing. That is a killer 3rd pair, though – those guys are more than capable of crushing soft minutes. You could pretty much give these pairs about 20 minutes each, +/- special teams assignments.

  • StoneCold Badass

    I think the article is correct about the pairings but enstrom and myers health and ability to bounce back is a big variable. Poolman is a quality player who could be a variable if he has a good training camp.