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WWYDW: What Would Your Jets Motto Be?

It’s one of the few things that all teams from a wide variety of sports be it professional or amateur have in common.

A motto. A slogan. A battle cry to rally the masses into a frenzy of support.

Some are great and widely known. “Rock The Red” for instance is almost synonymous with the Washington Capitals, the Raiders be it in Los Angeles, Oakland or soon to be Las Vegas will always be known for “Just Win Baby” and you don’t even have to be a soccer fan to know “You’ll Never Walk Alone” which is the world famous slogan for Liverpool F.C.

Other slogans? Maybe not as productive or inspiring…

Uhhhh.. One would hope so. Wait, ready for hockey right? Or ready to move again? You’ve been in the desert for 20 years and you’re just NOW ready? Like you weren’t before? And what is this “Coyotes 2.0” thing? You were Jets 1.0, then Coyotes 1.0… Was there a Coyotes 1.5 that we missed? Was that during the ill-fated Gretzky era?


The Winnipeg Jets have also had their share of slogans since their return. “Fueled By Passion” is of course the most notable and still resonates today. There is also “Go Jets Go” which is fine as a chant if not a bit simplistic for any other purpose.

If you had to come up with a slogan for the Winnipeg Jets – one that just doesn’t apply to this coming season’s club, but for future versions of the Jets. A slogan / motto that fans can rally behind in both good times and bad.

What Would You Do JetsNation?

Would you create a slogan based on word play of “Jets” or would you reference “17 Wing Winnipeg” and Canadian Forces Base? Would you base it on “True North” which is the company that owns the Jets and is the subject of a nightly anthem tribute, or would you create a slogan that reflects the fans of Winnipeg?

Let us know what you think in the comments below and give us your best Jets slogans! You can also @ reply us on our Twitter page or leave us reply on our Facebook page.

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