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Fill In The Blank: Carolina Hurricanes

It’s the dog days of summer when the NHL Draft is long since past, the bulk of Free Agency has been taken care of and with most NHL news having slowed to a slow trickle, we now sit watching days go by waiting for the start of training camps.

We already know how most of you feel about your Winnipeg Jets, so we wanted to ask you all about the other 30 teams in the NHL. This summer we’re going to ask for your feedback on our Twitter and Facebook on each NHL club.  Your replies can be complementary, they can be all-in-good-fun (or not) roasts, your reply can be a single word or it can be a statement.

The best replies will be gathered up and collected here for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Today… The Carolina Hurricanes are: _________

Never forget your roots…

Sorry for your loss Hartford. Hey, maybe one day Atlanta will get a third team and when that team moves, they’ll move to Connecticut!

They could move again…

Speaking of sorry.. Sorry for the gimmick infringement Jeffler!

Yes, if there was one overwhelming theme to this entry in the FitB series, it was that the Hurricanes could be good for a while yet..

The future looks good!

Wait a sec… “HowieHurricane”?

I think Carolina fans sent in a ringer…

Again, I am going to point out there might be a slight bias here..

Final words.

Never forget there was at least one NHL club that PoMo got somewhere with…



Anaheim Ducks
Detroit Red Wings

Minnesota Wild